So it’s fairly obvious that the mark of a good blogger is a good photographer. The SLR camera bug has bitten me again, but with the budget shake up, I don’t think that’s going to be in the cards this calendar year. So, in the meantime- you’ll have to deal with my shitty iPhone pictures run through an Instagram filter! Cheers to faking it!

I’ve only had one late morning and one day off with my new work schedule and I’m already pretty sure that Brett and I are going to have to join Overeaters Anonymous from all the baking I’m doing. Yesterday I made these mini apple pies:

and they are basically delicious. Actually, I think they taste better than an actual slice of apple pie. Don’t ask me how… it’s kitchen magic.

This morning Brett and I decided to watch the Chiefs game and I obviously couldn’t let us go hungry, so I whipped up some nachos. Because we are geeks, we don’t have cable so we buzzed over to my gran’s which meant toting our snacks across town. Luckily I got this totally legit 31 bag from my bestie Kimber at a bridal shower this summers, so it was easy and stylish.

Very important. Anyway, I basically live a Pinterest life now, so if you want to see what I’m up to pretty much anytime of the day, you can check out my boards

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