Twelve Days

So we are twelve days out from the wedding and I feel like I could just start crying (tears of happiness) today and not stop until October 7. This whole process has honestly been so fun and heartwarming. It’s given us the opportunity to grow as a couple, to work out favors from our friends and family that we’ll never be able to return, to exercise our patience muscles. Putting on a DIY wedding is a lot of work, requires a lot of glue and paint, and sometimes, whether you thought so or not, a lot of money. But as much as Brett and I joke about going to the courthouse, I already know that next Saturday will be the best day of my life and that I’d never trade it. 
Because most of all, during the 14 months we’ve been engaged we’ve been doing a lot more than planning a wedding- we’ve been planning a marriage. On October 6, we are going to tie a knot that no man can pull apart. 
Some photo updates (a few crafts, a marriage license, a bachelorette party): 

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