Moonin’: Tuesday

Almost in an effort to confuse myself, we decided to wait to visit any of the parks until Tuesday. So even though it was the second day of the week, it was the first day of parks. That sufficiently threw me off for the rest of the trip. Monday felt like Sunday, Tuesday felt like Monday….

Brett and I had to adjust our vacation style quite a bit for this trip. When we travel, we prioritize food and then play “See Where the Car Takes Us” in terms of itinerary. Food was definitely a huge focus this trip, but we had to make our dinner reservations about 3 months in advance! We are hyper-planners during our waking lives, but we prefer to be much more loosey-goosey when we travel. That just wasn’t an option this time!

Thinking back through the haze of lace and mason jars to the moment we made our final decisions about the honeymoon is kind of tricky. We got major pro-tips from Brett’s cousin Jess who was considerate enough to take her family on vacation there on a recon mission for us before we left. Disney offers a lot of options in terms of accommodations, travel, and what/how much you want to pay for before you arrive. It can be a little overwhelming, but thanks to help from Jess and a ton of crazy Disney mom forums, we had a basic idea of our trip several months before we ever left!

Magic Kingdom was on Tuesday and without question, it will be a memory we carry with us. This is “Disney World.”

We wore geeky matching shirts to commemorate.

Our Morning Photo!

On the bus!

First photo at the park

On Main Street USA!

Lovin the Chamber! 

Swiss Family Robinson Tree House

Jungle Cruise


Cinderella’s Castle

In line at Haunted Mansion- Brett’s MUST SEE attraction

A long lost relative…

Tea Cups!

We pretty much had our hearts set on Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bars from the time we planned our trip

You can learn a lot of things from the flowers!

Painting the roses red

A “true” monster of comedy 

 Late afternoon, we walked over to the Contemporary Resort to do a Clark Kent to Superman change of clothes and have dinner at the California Grill. Brett and I both agreed it was the absolute best place we’d ever dined, bar none.

The real highlight of our trip was this Sushi at California Grill.

Steak and Swordfish

A really breathtaking view… Magic Kingdom is just to the right of the photo

Our desserts came with a special message!

They had great fall decorations!

We walked back to the park to see one of my favorites- the Electrical Parade!


Me and a Vintage Space Mountain Poster

We had to snap a picture at the Space Mountain poster. I’ve been to Magic Kingdom before but never ridden Space Mountain. I was at the very front of the coaster and I’m pretty sure Brett had just as much fun hearing me scream as he did riding himself.

You might have also noticed the blue buttons we are wearing in each picture. Our resort gave us these when we checked in and they say “Happily Ever After.” We got congratulated by employees, waiters, other guests, little kids… It was really awesome. Normally Brett and I don’t like to call attention to ourselves but after the actual wedding day went by in such a blur, it was nice to be reminded how special it really was all week long. I think I’ll keep wearing mine for a while longer.

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