Moonin’: Wednesday

Wednesday was Hollywood Studios day and probably the day I was most anticipating. I visited this park just once before in 2008 and the whole time I was thinking, “wow, I wish Brett were here.”

There was so much Star Wars-ing.

Our morning photo.. You’re getting how this works by now right?

Brett at Endor

Brett and C-3PO

C-3PO and R2-D2

Brett and a gizmo

Brett and an AT-AT

 Let’s get a round of applause for the wife making the accurate Star Wars references! (Except for “gizmo” but cut me a break, what is that thing?)

Muppet’s Fountain… Featuring My Spirit Animal Miss Piggy

In front of the Tower of Terror

Meeko and Max

Beauty and The Beast Musical 

A Missouri “sticker” on a souvenir stand 

Another gizmo 

Brett on a land speeder (Confession- I had to ask him what this one was called)

He made us take a bunch of these, just in case the first ones didn’t turn out

Walk this Way… 

Brett’s best Bill Cosby 

Me, as Mary Tyler Moore

Brett doing Indiana Jones

Pit Stop in San Francisco 

The Hollywood Tower Hotel (Spooky, Scary!) 


And… back at the pool. 

Can you tell from our photos how much stuff we jam packed into each day? I think that because we are able bodied adults without children, we probably did twice as many activities in each park than most families get to. It was a blast, but our heads hit the pillows hard every night!

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