Pets as Inspiration

So I took a break from fanatically reading Game of Thrones so that I could start redoing a few spaces in our apartment. I have a little old and a little new and I’ve been eager to do some updating since we got back from the honeymoon.

For while, I was on this big “Fork and Spoon” kick for the kitchen. I had some cute prints and some antique wooden cutlery, but the design ended there. Eventually, it went out the door altogether. Since then, the one wall we have to decorate in the kitchen has sat blank. A few months ago, we moved a shelf into the kitchen that we’ve used for everything from DVDs to photo albums for our cookbooks, mixing bowls, pie pans, and so on. It’s functional and attractive (win!) but it doesn’t fill the space. We hardly ever sit at our kitchen table (confession) so I’ve sort of tucked it out of the way for the time being.

If you asked Amanda and Kimberly, they’d tell you we need a banquet size table with 10 place settings. I think they’re a little tired of pulling in patio chairs every time they come over for dinner. Anyway, here’s what it looks like now:

Big ole shout out to my Shana for the awesome cat and dog silhouettes. This girl blew me away with her awesome, handmade wedding gifts. I’m in love. 
Here’s what the “pet gallery” looks like as part of our kitchen: 

In case you’re interested, the artwork in the middle was a DIY of mine using this tutorial I found on Pinterest, naturally. Brett and I nabbed up the smaller canvases after a little bidding war at a silent auction fundraiser for our local no-kill animal shelter, Field of Dreams. The stinking things were painted by DOGS. We had to have them.

It’s no secret that we a major pet people, so it feels pretty natural to pay homage to them through our decor. In fact if you put a dog or a cat on it (put a bird on it!), I’ll pretty much fall in love!

2 thoughts on “Pets as Inspiration

  1. We don't have a kitchen table at all. We have 3 computer desks in the dining room. We have family tv time for dinner. Or we eat outside and watch the cat chase leaves.I feel no shame over this arrangement. In fact I'm proud of our family tv time! We started Star Trek: The Next Generation (on DVD) when Nell was 5 and by the time she was 12 we had watched Deep Space 9 and Voyager, one episode a week. Because of our family tv time we have raised a trekkie through and through.

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