Working on My Fitness


I’m going to a personal trainer now.


I had my fitness “assessment.”

I was assessed.


No surprises, I’m out of shape.

My heart rate after the step test?

Worse than “Very Poor.”

My trainer said, “we will try to get you up to ‘very poor’ in these next 10 sessions and work up from there.”

I’m working towards very poor.


You all know the drill. I’ve never tried to hide that I struggle with my weight. It’s a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual issue that I continue to battle. Because I am me, I try to take it on with a heavy dose of positivity, humor, and of course- frankness.

I just want to let you know, whoever you are, that this is what I’m doing. I’m trying it again. I’ll keep trying until I win it. I’m going to complain along the way. I’m going to cry, and crack jokes, and bitch, and hopefully, rejoice when I am successful.

So here’s to health.


One thought on “Working on My Fitness

  1. You are so awesome… and hilarious! Rumor has it once you do something repeatedly (like working out) for a while you stop hating it, let's hope that's true!

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