Date in a Jar

I think one of my favorite pieces of advice out there is that you should never stop dating your spouse. Brett and I do a pretty good job of spending time together because our schedules match up nicely, we don’t have children, and we share lots of the same interests. Even so, we don’t always make the time for each other that we should and when we do, it can be sort of dull doing the same activity over and over.

Inspired by this pin, I made a date jar of our own! I put this together just a few weeks before the wedding, so we’ve only done one date (limeades and a dog walk!) but I’m really eager to do more. I used a lot of ideas from the blogpost I read, but I also came up with some new ones of my own and lots of Kirksville specific ones as well. I wanted to share them because I want people to rip them off and use my ideas to spend time with their significant others! I also color-coded them the way she did, so they involve different levels of planning and money.

Yellow Dates (No planning, $): 

-Serve a Signature Cocktail, His and Hers
-Ice Cream and Coloring
-Teach Me Something, His and Hers
-Visit the Art Gallery Downtown
-Bottle of Wine and YouTube Karaoke
-Play Tennis
-Shoot Some Hoops
-Bake Cookies and Silly Comedy Movie
-Find Coupons for a Free Gift
-Hike and a Picnic
-Disney Movie and Dessert, His and Her
-Spa at Home
-Moody Music and Write Poems
-“An Offer You Can’t Refuse,” Godfather and Pasta
-Cookie Cook-Off
-Champagne and Love Letters
-Kid’s Cartoons and Happy Meals
-Fiesta Night- Mexican Food and Music
-Puzzle and Take Out
-Pizza and Board Games
-Living Room Slumber Party-Pillows, Blankets, Truth or Dare
-Go Antique Window Shopping
-Frostys and a Foreign Film
-Go Swimming
-Make a Dessert Together
-Hot Chocolate and Christmas Movies
-Route 44 Limeades and a Dog Walk
-“Unbirthday Party,” Cake and Games
-Scrabble and Breakfast for Dinner
-Photo Booth Fashion Shoot
-Kids Books at the Library
-Work out Together
-“Make Your Own 6 Pack”
-Star Wars Marathon
-Get Dressed Up and Stay In
-Make Each Other a Greeting Card

Red Dates (Some Planning, $$):
-Coffee Date
-Take a Class Together
-Go to a Mizzou Football Game
-Patio Party, His and Hers
-Go Fishing
-Attend a Free Workshop
-Drive to AJs for Dinner
-Buy a Gift, Under $10
-Progressive Dinner Date
-Visit a Winery and Take Home a Bottle
-Dinner at Flat Branch Pub
-Go to a Truman Football Game
-Volunteer at the Animal Shelter
-Attend a Truman Lyceum Event 
-Gyros and a Long Walk
-Dinner and a Movie, His and Hers
-Attend an MU Concert Series Event 
-“A Night in Paris,” Ye Ye Music, Wine and Cheese
-Show at Maples Repertory Theatre 
-Visit Galleries and Museums in Columbia
-Paint a Picture for Each Other
-Fondue Party
-Kayak and Lunch at the Lake
-Make a Kids Craft
-Work on a Scrapbook Together

Green Dates (Lots of Planning, $$$): 
-Dinner at the Pear Tree 
-Dinner and Concert in Columbia, His and Hers
-A Weekend at Honey Creek Resort 
-Weekend in St Louis
-Go to Mark Twain Cave
-Weekend in Kansas City
-Weekend in Quincy
-Weekend in Branson
-Road Trip to a NEW State
-Jefferson City- Lutz’s and the Capitol
-Weekend in Des Moines

Do you have any awesome date ideas? What do you do to set aside special time with your person?

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