Here’s a really lovely video that my friend Rachel posted on Facebook a few days ago that has really stuck with me and is impacting me over and over again, even though I didn’t plan for it to. Now, that seems worth the share. 

Christmas Craft Tour: Advent Calendar

I’m so excited to celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple, but I’m worried that it will pass me by and I won’t have stopped to really enjoy it. The holidays come and go so fast. The easiest way to make sure I enjoyed a special moment each day was to make this advent calendar!

If you haven’t done so, you’ve got approximately a day and a half to throw one together yourself! If you are doing one on the fly, let me recommend this one which cost approximately 5 dollars and took about 30 minutes. It couldn’t be easier.

I used this blog post as inspiration and searched Pinterest (and my husband!) for good ideas to put inside.

Here’s my calendar, hanging on my mantel:

And a close up of the envelopes:

Each envelope has an idea for a mini-date inside! It was a little tricky to come up with inexpensive, easy ideas that I thought we’d want to do every day. Want to see my ideas? Here’s a pdf with my entire slate of activities. If you live in Kirksville, you could pretty much just print this off and use it yourself! If you’d like to make your own, the fonts I used are Kingsthings Christmas, Christmas on Crack, and KG Eyes Wide Open.

I recommend checking out your community calendars and going to as many of the free events as you can!

Making the calendar itself was quite easy! I downloaded the labels that Bloom Design provided. Rather than spend EIGHT STINKIN DOLLARS on label paper, I just printed them on copy paper, cut them out, and used good ole Elmer’s glue to stick them to the treat bags I picked up at Hobby Lobby for about $2.50. I scrounged up some clothespins and we were in business!

I love how easy this project is, how great it looks on my mantel, and my hope is that it will help make our Christmas season even more special. Can’t wait to get into them!

Christmas Craft Tour: The Wreath

So I’ve got a nice manageable list of Christmas Crafts going to help us celebrate the First Annual Comfy, Cozy Moser Family Christmas in style. To my mind, this is where Pinterest thrives! I’m really looking forward to spending time crafting and using those crafts to make our home more comfy, more cozy, and more Christmasy! Want a sneak peak? You can check out my Pinterest board to see what I’ve got in mind this year! 

The first craft I want to show off is our wreath, inspired by this post, over at The Paper Mama.

I have lots of burlap left over from the wedding, but it’s already been cut into pieces so I’m trying to find creative, but smaller projects to use it up on. This wreath was a perfect fit. I followed the tutorial pretty closely, but used a few different materials.

 Supplies. This was an delightfully inexpensive project. I picked up a couple straw wreaths at Walmart this fall and had no plans for my second one. Using it for this was a no brainer. I picked up my ribbon and berry embellishments at Hobby Lobby last weekend. 
 The tutorial used a really wide burlap ribbon, but I just cut mine into strips. 

 Like the tutorial, I didn’t even bother removing the plastic wrap from my wreath. Just started wrapping and gluing my burlap. 
 I didn’t feel like getting another style of ribbon so I used the plaid to wrap around the wreath. A dab of glue was all I needed. 

 Hot gluing the fancys. I put mine in a spot where the burlap looked funny. 
 I had to follow the ribbon instructions carefully. I can’t tie a bow to save my life. 
Complete! You’ll notice I skipped the pinecones. I wasn’t against it, but they didn’t have any at Hobby Lobby and I just didn’t want to go out and look for them. You’ll find this to be a comfy, but lazy Christmas season for me! 
More Christmasy Crafts to come!

Back in the Saddle

Well I’ve returned to the world of blogging. Won’t lie- it was a nice vacation. BUT! Now I’m back and I’m totally ready to over-share and under-perform for my captive audience.

Isn’t Thanksgiving the bomb? Or da bomb, rather. I just love it. So much food. So much family. I love my Iowa family and I don’t get up to see them enough so when I do, it’s a great treat. Food was awesome and I was so busy eating I neglected to take any photos.

Friday we drove to Kansas City to be with Brett’s family for the rest of the weekend. It was our first trip to KC as a married couple, and look at this adorable way his family greeted us:

We had game night that evening and relaxed most of the day on Saturday, but did a little shopping here and there. We caught up with Chris and Sarah and we all ate and drank our weight in beer and pizza at Waldo’s Pizza. Again, too much eating, no photos.

My wedding gift to Brett was a pair of Chiefs tickets and coincidentally, Sarah and Chris have season tickets and we were able to tailgate Sunday before (and after) the game. Photo time was totally on. Bask in the glory:

 Brett and I doing the tailgate thing

 Me and Sarah, whom I love

 At our seats

 With our treats

Game time baby! 

Outside the stadium, a little chilly at this point 

 The gang, cameo by other Sarah who looks cute even though she wasn’t really in the picture which is something I never manage to do. 
Brett and Chris… True lovers. 

Yay for a photo-full post of fun things! We did it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you’re me, and I am, you got up this morning and checked your reading list for new blog posts. So if you are me, and you’re reading this-

Happy Thanksgiving!

Brett and I are headed to a carry-in with my mom’s side of the family today up in Iowa and then we’ll relax for the rest of the afternoon. Tomorrow we are driving to Kansas City for family/friend/football time!

I’m gunna take a blogging break for the rest of the week but hopefully I’ll have so much fun I can do one of those “What We’ve Been Up To” posts that Rachel always does.


Here’s a picture of us being goofy at the wedding (this is my “thing I’m always thankful for”):

Photo credit Katie Day Photography 


So this Christmas will be the very first Christmas that Brett and I spend together as a married couple and I won’t lie, I’m beside myself with excitement. I’ve already shared some of our favorite traditions, lots of which take place around the holidays.

I love Christmas so very much. It’s my favorite time of year and I always get super into it. Here I am as the Holiday Cheermiester.

My boss Debi told me this funny story about her first Christmas with her husband. They decided it would be totally doable to do Christmas Eve in St Louis with his family and Christmas Day in Kirksville with her family and in doing so, ended up in a broken down car at 2:30 am several miles outside of town!

It made me think- what was your first Christmas like with your spouse? Did you start any traditions that first year that you still do today?

Any suggestions for something super fun we should do together? Share!

In closing, here are some fun photos from Christmases past

Fatty 2011

Christmas Tree 2011

Me and Brett, Crown Center 2011

Shawn, Loving Christmas Brunch 2011

The Mosers 2011

BEACHTIME! Just after Christmas 2011

Our very first Christmas together! 2007

Our most recent Christmas and our first Christmas!


Brett has been reading lots of Chuck Klosterman lately and in doing so, has been reading a lot of Chuck Klosterman to me. Which I like just fine. Klosterman is basically a pop culture aficionado which  makes for great, light reading and even better discussion. His books are basically collected essays (a la David Sedaris) so they are high on entertainment value for lack of a cohesive plot.

A few days ago, Brett read this essay on guilty pleasures to me and we cackled and completely agreed. We have no guilty pleasures.

So I’ve compiled a list of my non-guilty, guilty pleasures, in no particular order.

I Love New York, Season 2 

The last time I was emotionally invested in a show was Fall 2007 when Tiffany “New York” Pollard, would be lovah of Flava Flav, made her second attempt to find true love. It was a simpler, safer time, before Harvard graduate Punk (David Otunga) married and had a baby with Jennifer Hudson.

New York is just a confident, determined, mouthy broad and I loved her for it. I couldn’t pull myself away. If someone could find this show DVD (this season, in particular) I’d probably die.

Ke$ha’s new single, Die Young:

Soon, Imma hate this song. They’ll overplay it on the radio, Brett will parody it over and over by inserting Fatty and Stella’s names into the lyrics, and eventually the luster will be lost. But right now? I really dig it.

Also, Rihanna’s new song, Diamonds:

Have you ever played this game? It’s great. Brett and I play it all the time. I always lose. I still love it. That’s saying something.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas 

This is my favorite movie of all time. I watch it all year long. I can quote it from start to finish. Brett loves it because I love it. I would have a hard time loving him if he didn’t. No lie.

Spongebob Squarepants and Rocko’s Modern Life

I put these together because they’re both Nicktoons and both feature a ton of the same creative talent. I love to point out which episodes parallel each other from both shows.

I know that 90s Nicktoons have kind of had a hipster resurgence, but I love these without any single shred of irony. When I don’t feel good, or I’m grumpy, or I’m bored, or I’m homesick, I can put these shows on and I just feel better. There’s something about it.

Brett and I have seen every single episode of Rocko dozens of times. We never tire.

So, let’s have it then- what do you simply adore? Regardless of popularity, what things do you keep going back to time after time or just love the first time you saw/heard them?

On Hobbies

So this post is a bit of a conglomerate of ideas, but it’s stuff I feel is blog worthy and I just want to put together in one post. They’re all sort of “hobby” related, so there you go.

Firstly, you might know that I really enjoy crocheting. While I’m still completely a beginner, I have a good time doing it and I know I’ve gotten better. I thought I would pass along a resource that I used to learn how to crochet. I read lots of tutorials and saw lots of pictures but the tool that finally helped me get the hang of it? YouTube videos. These YouTube videos to be specific. This woman’s name is Teresa and she has a blog for every video of stitch that is very specific and very easy to follow. She also does full tutorial videos from start to finish of a project. You can follow along, pause the video, rewind, start over. I found it very helpful and I still pull her channel up when I get confused on a pattern!

Secondly, I’ve told you about my fitness fairy Rachel and she suggested we try to do the 2012 Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak. I’m a complete novice but Rachel is super encouraging and always runs at my pace and walks with me even though she could easily keep going. The idea is to run just one mile everyday, from Thanksgiving day through New Years Day. I think this sounds like a fun, completely achievable challenge. Want to join? Here’s a google spreadsheet where we plan to keep track of our progress. Just add your name and log your activity!

Think that running on Christmas Day sounds bonkers? Take your whole family out! Make it a new tradition!

Lastly, that’s it. I only have two things. I know that you’re supposed to have 3 things or more in a list but I only have two. So.

Sunday Media Review

I’m stuck on Harry Potter of course. I’m on the fourth book, but I’ll probably take a pause because Brett has decided to read along with me so we can have really meaningful book discussions based on ideas like “is the wizarding world a socialist society?” and “do wizards in all wizarding families have any formal schooling prior to Hogwarts?” You know. Important stuff.

What books are you reading right now?


Do you follow the girls at A Beautiful Mess?

If you don’t, get ready to just D-I-E of envy. They’re just.. ugh.. adorable. And I’m going to be honest, I’ve tried real hard not to like them. They’re so hip. And cute. And just literally everything I think is right with the world. So naturally, that bugs the hell out of me. I can’t find a single thing not to like about them. So- I’m just now coming around. They live and work in Springfield which just blows my mind. Did y’all see my engagement pics? (Taken by the adorable, wonderful, darling Katie Day) The one’s taken by the colorful buildings were done on the street where they have their vintage shop, Red Velvet. See:

Anyway, I’ve taken to following them regularly and they’ve got a new e-class on blog design that I would really like to take called Blog (Design) Love.  They’ve also got a course called Blog Love, that focuses more on content and development that would probably be super valuable as well. The face is, these girls built a mini-empire based entirely on their lifestyle from the ground up. You know they’ve got good things to say.

Brett started watching Walking Dead and I didn’t look away. I mean, I did in the parts where GUTS ARE HANGING OUT OF PEOPLE’S BODIES, ETC but I did watch about 3 episodes and I didn’t hate it. Mostly because the guy they cast as Rick kinda looks like Josh Lucas.

I don’t know if you are listening to Lana Del Rey’s new album Paradise, but you should be. I really, really like her. I can’t quite tell if that makes me super hip or if the hip thing to do is to not like her but it doesn’t really matter because I think her music is just great. I think she’s doing very interesting things lyrically and representing our culture much more accurately and interestingly than by rhyming “maybe” with “baby.” From “Gods and Monsters”:

In the land of gods and monsters, I was an angel, Living in the garden of evil, Screwed up, scared, doing anything that I needed, Shining like a fiery beacon.You got that medicine I need, Fame, liquor, love, give it to me slowly.Put your hands on my waist, do it softly, Me and God we don’t get along, so now I see…

Working Style

So, I get real jealous whenever I read my friend Rachel’s blog. In addition to just missing the pants off her and her husband Kyle who are some of our best friends- her awesome blog is full of posts about the fun stuff they do together.

Honestly, if I did a recap post of my weekend? It would be: “Well. I went grocery shopping. And watched 4 hours of Murder, She Wrote. And then I went to bed at 8:30.” She just does FUN. STUFF.

The point is, I’m reduced to posting about my clothes, and my dinners, and the books I’m reading. Super interesting? Maybe not. But! It’s giving me something to do!

Here’s what I wore to work. I’m a big fan of color blocking.

Red sweater. Fushia pants. 

Bib necklace. Missoni for Target heels. (I lusted over those shoes for months)

My hair was a little too greasy to leave down, but I tried this tutorial out. I liked it! Yay for getting dressed in the morning!