Fit n’ Funky

Well I’ve been to the trainer twice now since I was assessed. One day I’ll do cardio/core and the next I’ll do strength. The first cardio/core day was pretty manageable though I anticipate it will get more challenging as I continue the program. The strength day? GAH. I am not strong folks, I am not strong. Everything burns. Hopefully, that’s a good sign.

My friend Rachel who is like a little fitness fairy, has encouraged me to start running with her and there’s a Couch to 5K group that meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. We went earlier this week and even though they were quite a bit more ahead in the program than I was ready to start at, it was nice to be with a group of people to start. Makes for good motivation. My plan is start the program at my own pace, but continue to join them on group runs.

My workout schedule is going to look something like this- Mondays and Wednesdays- Running, Tuesdays and Thursdays- Trainer (or Gym when my package ends), and Fridays- Yoga. (I’ve never been, but there’s a class at the TCC for you ATSU folk.) If you want to feel better about your current state of fitness, you’re always welcome to join me!

In addition to working out more, I’m going to start tweaking my diet. Rachel gave me this book to read, and I finished it in like 3 days. It makes a really compelling argument for eliminating carbohydrates from our diets. And, while I’m not quite ready to decry the nation’s physicians, the USDA, and the entire food pyramid, the evidence is strong enough for me to start experimenting with my own diet. We’ll see what happens.

I’m trying to take baby steps but my hope is that I’m taking those steps in the right direction! Have you made a major tweak in your lifestyle lately or ever? Where do you stand on the whole carbs debate?

8 thoughts on “Fit n’ Funky

  1. I laughed at "little fitness fairy" and Nell said "She's not wrong". :DYeah, Gary Taubes is pretty emphatic about it all. He's got some good arguments. I like the "Earn Your Carbs" approach, and stay away from Demon Sugar (I say this while munching leftover halloween candy.)

  2. If he's right (and it seems he really could be) he's got every reason to be emphatic, but it's a really hard pill to swallow all at once. It's quite the switch! Also- EVERYTHING IN MY HOUSE IS CARBS! Hahaha.. I'm going to try a moderate approach like your own. We'll see how that goes!

  3. Hmm I totally just bought this book after taking a look inside. This could be my issue because let me tell you: I eat like a saint and exercise pretty regularly and much more than the skinny people I know for the most part and have been on the weight gain still since moving in with Kyle. I am going to try this as I haven't ever really given it a go and I've tried most other things.

  4. Have you considered a consult with a dietican? The twins agrue with everyone about what is really a veggie and a carb! even before I became diabetic I stressed the importance of counting/knowing carbs to the kids! I am also concerned about how you would cut out carbs completely, when something a healthy as skim milk has 11 carbs in every 8 oz. I may have to find that book at the library!

  5. My plan is not to cut out "healthy" carbs- veggies, fruits, milk, etc. I just want to eliminate the super starchy, easily digestable carbs like sweets, snacks, and so on. I can't be that extreme… I'm all about baby steps!

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