Sunday Media Review

Practically took the weekend off from posting! I’ve been doing good about writing up posts when I’m off work, sometimes churning out a couple in one day and having the luxury of scheduling up to a week’s worth of posts at a time. I’ve used up my queue however, so I’m gunna have to sit down and get creative again!

What would you LOVE to see me post about? Seriously- I’ll take requests!

In the meantime, I thought I’d do a quick run down (might make this a regular thing) about what I’ve been reading/watching/listening to lately!


As you know, I started in on the first of the Game of Thrones novel. The first of this series was very engaging and considering how visually dense the book is, I can only imagine what a treat the television show is going to be.

I’ve also restarted reading the Harry Potter series. I just *gush* cannot ever get enough of the whole Harry Potter world. I’m going to read the Chamber of Secrets after I finish the book I’m currently reading which is-

And So It Goes: Kurt Vonnegut: A Life. This is a biography of Vonnegut by Charles J Shields. I simply adore Vonnegut for his simple prose, his deep philosophy, and his dark humor. I know very little about the man outside of the image he projects into semi-autobiographical plots and characters in his novels, so it’s great to read about his parents, his children, his jobs, and so on. It’s very touching and I expect my admiration will only grow when I finish.

If you’ve been reading along, you know that I’ve also recently finished Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes. It’s got an intriguing message and I’d say certainly worth a read.

As I begin posting more, I’m trying to expand my blog reading list too! My absolute favorites are, of course, from the people I know personally. So, some shout outs:

My cousin Emily writes great posts about what she and her husband have been up to, bits of solid advice, and general pondering on the whats and hows of life. Good stuff.

A new friend Sarah has started taking photos more than recreationally and she does wonders with a camera. I can’t wait to see her talent and her client base grow. If you’re in the KC area, I’d highly recommend her!

I’ve also been keeping up with Iowa Girl Eats, a blogger with a great philosophy: “Eat well, Run often, Travel far”


I CAN’T STOP WATCHING MURDER, SHE WROTE! Honestly, I’m usually pretty noncommittal when it comes to television. I mostly like short-form, children’s cartoons.  But there’s just something so charming about Jessica Fletcher and her 45 minute hijinks. I lurve it.

Also, Brett and I started going through (chronologically, of course) animated Disney feature films before the wedding to get in the mood for our Disney honeymoon. We didn’t get all the way through our list, so we are still trucking along. Besides, I’m always in the mood to watch a Disney movie! We just watched Hercules and it’s as adorable as I remember. Next up- Toy Story!

Y’all ever used Songza? It’s a free online music player that matches a play list to your mood/activity/day. It recognizes what time of day it is and then suggests play lists to set the stage. Brett and I really like it. I’m rarely disappointed in the play lists. You can also search for play lists by name. I suggest “70s Pool Party” which is chock full of 70s disco and rock and perfect for a Saturday night drinking whiskey cokes and playing cards which is exactly what Brett and I did. Currently, I’ve got “Harvest Moon” pulled up which is right up my alley with artists like Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Joni Mitchell. It’s perfect for the newly crisp weather!

Happy Sunday friends!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Media Review

  1. I love HP so much it is almost sinful! Worried to start Games of Thrones… I'm already a terrible housekeeper and it sounds like another excuse to slack off!

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