Day-Off Style

I have a confession. 

Most of the time on my days off, I don’t bother to get dressed. I mean, I might switch from sweats to leggings and I usually put a bra on, but other than that. Nope.
Which is totally fine. I mean, I know all of you full time workers out there are like DUH! What kind of insane person gets ready on their day off? But hear me out here. 
Now that I work part time, I’m contributing half as much income to our household. Working less is doing wonders for my mental and physical health, but unfortunately job satisfaction won’t pay our electric bill. Brett would never ask me to, and to be honest I’m doing a pretty piss poor job thus far, but I’ve made it a goal to try to keep our house tidy and livable and enjoyable to be in as part of my contribution to the Moser Lifestyle. (Have I said this before? I feel like I’ve said this before.) 
Anyway, for some reason, I find it SO MUCH EASIER to accomplish something with my day when I am dressed and my teeth are brushed and I’ve moisturized my face. I just feel less like a dirty slob and I’m happier doing whatever it is I’m doing- folding laundry, painting legs for a pet bed, or whatever. 
So today, I put on some pants, busted out my new denim shirt and got some shit done! Here we are (that’s the royal we): 

New shirt? $13 at Walmart. Total score. This $80 one from J. Crew? Can suck it! 
Also, I swear I haven’t been wearing shoes around my house all day. It’s just for the picture. Getting dressed is one thing, but wearing shoes? That’s weird. 
Anyway, if you really get into daily style blogs I highly recommend What I Wore as it is wonderful and Jessica Quirk is everything I wish I could be and also Hello, Gorgeous because her style is just so right on in terms of how to look professional and stylish on a reasonable budget.

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