Recipe Review: Egg Muffins

The last time we went grocery shopping, Brett and I bought an extra dozen eggs with the specific intent of trying out this recipe. Luckily eggs are inexpensive, so if the whole thing went bust, we weren’t out much.

Again, searching for low carb options for breakfast lead me to this recipe for egg muffins. I’ve seen it pinned lots of times and thought it seemed like a great idea for a quick breakfast, but wasn’t troubled enough to try. But when Brett and I decided to opt out of starchy, sugary, enriched flour that pretty much eliminated our breakfast options- bagels, cereal, waffles, pop tarts… (ps- if you aren’t watching your diet TRY THE PUMPKIN PIE OH MY GOSH LIFE CHANGING).

Again, we know my criteria for a good recipe- easy and cheap.

I chopped up some lunchmeat ham and green onions and threw them in a muffin pan with some cheese:

Then, I put the entire dozen eggs in a bowl and whisked them up and poured the it on top of my cheese, onions, ham.

When I poured the eggs into the liners, it was a little globby. I probably should have whisked a little more throughly. They baked for about a half hour- the whole house smelled like a breakfast restaurant so that was a major perk!

Mine aren’t nearly as pretty as the original recipe and you can tell how they are kinda globby. Also- apparently the right side of my oven gets significantly warmer than the left side?

I also forgot to spray my liner. That was a bit of a mistake because I think I lost about a quarter of my muffin to the liner. I think maybe those aluminum liners would work great for this recipe if you don’t have a silicone muffin pan (as I don’t.)

Overall taste? Just okay. I can see how I could do these better next time. More cheese, for one. I’ll whisk my mixture better and maybe use a little milk to smooth it all out. However, they were really filling (I only needed two for breakfast) and I anticipate it will be quite nice to throw them in the microwave this week and have insta-breakfast available.

2 thoughts on “Recipe Review: Egg Muffins

  1. It's like a baby quiche! We do crustless quiche for supper and use frozen spinach, mushrooms, diff types of cheese like blu and swiss, and diff meats (leftover chicken breast). Kind of a throw in whatever sounds yummy and what we have on hand!! Even the 11 yr olds love it! AND silicone pans will be on your christmas list!! ~ShawnPS-love reading your blog!

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