Monday Media Review

Since today is like my Sunday, (thank yoooou veterans) I’m gunna do my media round up post today! Also- I forgot to do it yesterday.

So I’m still working through the Vonnegut biography, slowly but surely. I think I’m going to have to renew that one at least one more time. It’s thick! In the meantime, I’ve continued on through the Harry Potter series. I read the second one yesterday. Like, started and finished it. I just eat them up. I’m watching each movie as a finish the corresponding book, so that might be a little motivating. My cousin Emily had a great idea to have a discussion group and talk about the differences between the Muggle and Wizard worlds (her point: why don’t they know what a dentist is? haha)

Here’s a photo of the cast looking just dangerously attractive, imho:

(I’m Team Neville, all the way)

I read Jezebel pretty much everyday. I really love it, but warning- if you aren’t a super liberal feminist, you won’t be in to it. Like, if you have a conservative bone in your body- keep a wide berth. But, because I happen to be one of those, I dig it. (Though honestly, sometimes I’m even like really ladies? Really?) Anyway, I read this post about plus size bloggers and the corresponding NY times article, and I did in fact, want to go shopping. My favorite part of the article was this statement:

“When you feel that your current body is temporary, why spend money dressing it well?” said Ragini Nag Rao, 27, who writes for the blog A Curious Fancy from England and India. “Fat women need to realize that their bodies are worth dressing well.”

That just speaks to me. I know I’m guilty of that. I’m constantly convincing myself that I’m on the verge of losing weight. That, as we know, can lead to some tricky emotional baggage. Anyway, Brett and I went to Columbia this weekend and fresh off working my tuckus off at the trainer and reading that article, I was full of shoppy confidence! Here’s some photos of me rocking new purchases:

A really great and flattering royal blue shift with my new boots. Super comfy all around.

Been die die dying for an animal sweater and I, of course, find one at Target. I was going to make one folks. That’s how desperate I was getting. Shit, I might still make one. Also, hello pink pants.

Another great flattering shift. Navy blue. Threw my lacy top over it and gave it a sort of peplum feel. Would definitely wear with tights this time of year! Great work wear!

As mentioned previously, I’m catching up on my Harry Potters. We found the last two on sale for $10/each this weekend which was a total score. I expect I’ll be doing little else until I finish the whole series in a couple weeks.

The good news is that I got yarn to crochet at lap blanket for Brett and I at the Chiefs game, so I’ll be able to multitask!

My friend Kimber reminded me of the excellence that is the Now 5 CD. I want to meet the person who owns this entire collection. AND HUG THEM.

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