I just made the best smoothie of my life, no kidding. I’ve honestly never tasted a smoothie more delicious than this. It is so good that I’m completely disregarding (ok, rescheduling) the post I was going to put up today TO SHARE THIS AMAZING SMOOTHIE RECIPE!

I give you the Breakfast (and Lunch and Dinner and Dessert) Apple Pie Smoothie!

I can’t find the recipe anywhere online, but I got it from a Taste of Home Cooking School magazine when we hosted the event in Kirksville last spring. I stuck a post-it on it earlier this week while I was doing my meal planning because I’ve been in a smoothie kick lately and we just got a new blender! Also, I’ve always got apples on hand so it meant that I wouldn’t have to worry about picking up too many more ingredients.

-1 cup water
-2 large (or 3 small, in my case) apples, cored and unpeeled
-2 ounces cream cheese
-2 tablespoons vanilla pudding mix, dry
-1/2 teaspoon apple pie spice
-2 cups ice (this ended up being about 12 cubes for me)

Blend it all up, one ingredient at a time, in the order given. This will give your smoothie a perfect consistency and your blender won’t have to work so hard which is honestly something that I literally just learned today. Normally I just shove it all in there and watch it suffer. This is better.

I couldn’t resist putting it in one of these foo-foo wine glasses. It’s SOOO DELICIOUS! This recipe makes 4 servings, but I, uh, might have had two-thirds of the pitcher…. I SKIPPED LUNCH OK!

According to my recipe, if you use reduced fat cream cheese and sugar-free, fat-free pudding mix, then each serving is 3 Weight Watchers points, so that’s pretty cool!

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