Working Style

So, I get real jealous whenever I read my friend Rachel’s blog. In addition to just missing the pants off her and her husband Kyle who are some of our best friends- her awesome blog is full of posts about the fun stuff they do together.

Honestly, if I did a recap post of my weekend? It would be: “Well. I went grocery shopping. And watched 4 hours of Murder, She Wrote. And then I went to bed at 8:30.” She just does FUN. STUFF.

The point is, I’m reduced to posting about my clothes, and my dinners, and the books I’m reading. Super interesting? Maybe not. But! It’s giving me something to do!

Here’s what I wore to work. I’m a big fan of color blocking.

Red sweater. Fushia pants. 

Bib necklace. Missoni for Target heels. (I lusted over those shoes for months)

My hair was a little too greasy to leave down, but I tried this tutorial out. I liked it! Yay for getting dressed in the morning!

2 thoughts on “Working Style

  1. Hahah oh A.M., I'm the one who is jealous. I only post about going out because I don't do things lately like read new books, cook or dress nicely haha. We should do guest posts on each other's blogs one day and then we can have a whole rounded out thing going on:) Miss you guys!

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