So this Christmas will be the very first Christmas that Brett and I spend together as a married couple and I won’t lie, I’m beside myself with excitement. I’ve already shared some of our favorite traditions, lots of which take place around the holidays.

I love Christmas so very much. It’s my favorite time of year and I always get super into it. Here I am as the Holiday Cheermiester.

My boss Debi told me this funny story about her first Christmas with her husband. They decided it would be totally doable to do Christmas Eve in St Louis with his family and Christmas Day in Kirksville with her family and in doing so, ended up in a broken down car at 2:30 am several miles outside of town!

It made me think- what was your first Christmas like with your spouse? Did you start any traditions that first year that you still do today?

Any suggestions for something super fun we should do together? Share!

In closing, here are some fun photos from Christmases past

Fatty 2011

Christmas Tree 2011

Me and Brett, Crown Center 2011

Shawn, Loving Christmas Brunch 2011

The Mosers 2011

BEACHTIME! Just after Christmas 2011

Our very first Christmas together! 2007

Our most recent Christmas and our first Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Holy cow you had red hair.I don't really remember our first christmas as a married couple. I was a few months pregnant by then.Our christmas tradition is Purple. Nell's 2nd Christmas, she was 1, and for some reason all the presents were wrapped in purple wrapping paper and I stuck a big purple ribbon on top of the tree. The ornaments were purple balls. Nell learned a new word that December: Purple. Purple meant Christmas, it meant presents, it meant balls, it meant Christmas lights, it meant round, it meant purple. Everything good was Purple.It is probably no coincidence that her favorite color has always been purple.

  2. Traditions? Not yet, I'm sure those will come with kiddos. We have spent Christmas with my family all 3 years, pretty much because I am not mature enough to be away from my mommy and daddy! New Years with Simon's folks. I believe this is our first time skipping Thanksgiving with my family all together, we will do Christmas Eve and Day with my folks. We will as usual be partaking in the Christmas Eve jammies with my parent's. YAY

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