Christmas Craft Tour: Advent Calendar

I’m so excited to celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple, but I’m worried that it will pass me by and I won’t have stopped to really enjoy it. The holidays come and go so fast. The easiest way to make sure I enjoyed a special moment each day was to make this advent calendar!

If you haven’t done so, you’ve got approximately a day and a half to throw one together yourself! If you are doing one on the fly, let me recommend this one which cost approximately 5 dollars and took about 30 minutes. It couldn’t be easier.

I used this blog post as inspiration and searched Pinterest (and my husband!) for good ideas to put inside.

Here’s my calendar, hanging on my mantel:

And a close up of the envelopes:

Each envelope has an idea for a mini-date inside! It was a little tricky to come up with inexpensive, easy ideas that I thought we’d want to do every day. Want to see my ideas? Here’s a pdf with my entire slate of activities. If you live in Kirksville, you could pretty much just print this off and use it yourself! If you’d like to make your own, the fonts I used are Kingsthings Christmas, Christmas on Crack, and KG Eyes Wide Open.

I recommend checking out your community calendars and going to as many of the free events as you can!

Making the calendar itself was quite easy! I downloaded the labels that Bloom Design provided. Rather than spend EIGHT STINKIN DOLLARS on label paper, I just printed them on copy paper, cut them out, and used good ole Elmer’s glue to stick them to the treat bags I picked up at Hobby Lobby for about $2.50. I scrounged up some clothespins and we were in business!

I love how easy this project is, how great it looks on my mantel, and my hope is that it will help make our Christmas season even more special. Can’t wait to get into them!

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