Day 1: Reindeer Romp

After a slightly rocky start (I accidentally put the slips of paper into the envelopes backward) Brett and I opened up our first advent envelope today! This one wasn’t too much of a surprise, since we’ve been registered for the 1.5 mile walk/4 mile run for about a week and a half. But since it fell on the first day of December, it was a good fit for the calendar anyway. My boss Debi and I registered for the walk. Debi even wore a Christmas sweater. So on theme. 

Brett is a super athlete and ran the 4 miles, even though he did virtually no training. He’s just awesome that way. Each participant got a pair of jingle bells to wear too!

I couldn’t exactly justify a 10 am beer since I only did the walk, but Brett definitely enjoyed his! It actually started raining a bit during the event which made for some strange weather. It was cold/humid. A weird combo. I opted for hot chocolate instead.

We decided to make it an impromptu date-day and went out for lunch. We also picked up ingredients to make these delicious cookies (a favorite we tried for the first time last year!) so we are having a practically perfect start to our First Annual Comfy, Cozy Moser Family Christmas!

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