Day 2: Holiday House/Home Tour and a Sneak Peak!

Day 2 of our advent calendar activities took us to the Kirksville Arts Association to see their Holiday House Display. This event is a silent auction where wreaths and trees are raffled off as a fundraiser for the Arts Association.  The building is beautiful year-round but I’m partial to the Christmasy flair of this event. Here are some of my favorite wreaths!

Brett and my boss Debi and I also went on the Holiday Home Tour hosted by the Rotary Club. I love, LOVE fancy houses and the voyeuristic side of me was totally satisfied to wander around people’s homes. Look at these gorgeous trees.

This house had a loft style second floor that had their 3 daughter’s bedrooms and it was a princess paradise. I was beside myself with envy.

Their master bathroom suite had statues by the tub. Statues.

Just for fun, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak of what I’ve been up to craft-wise. You’ll see the full project in tomorrow’s post!

2 thoughts on “Day 2: Holiday House/Home Tour and a Sneak Peak!

  1. Iain and I went to the holiday homes tour and I have to say, holiday homes tours are not my things. The houses were huge…the rooms were huge…I would not feel comfortable living in that sort of space at all. I wouldn't feel comfortable raising kids who have their own bathrooms and enormous bedrooms.I don't mean to be judgmental about their lifestyle, but I would not like it at all, and I didn't enjoy looking at it.I liked the art display. I think the house with the statues by the tub also had little sculptures of real people that one of their ancestors had done in the 1930's– that was really cool.

  2. The first one was so huge and wide open. I really loved the second one because I felt like it was especially cozy and allowed itself to look "lived-in." The upstairs bedrooms were like everything I dreamed of as a child! I guess I turned out okay without one though!

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