Day 3 and 4: Treats! Plus BBQ Beer Chicken

Days 3 and 4 were all about the treats. A Christmas coffee and donut one day, followed by s’mores the next. Yum. (PS, can you spot the sneak peek for my next Christmas Craft post?)
Very effective cooking method
This delicious treat was made complete with yummy hot cocoa. 

I also made something wonderful for dinner. Something truly amazing and fantastic. If there are three things I love in this world it is barbecue, beer, and my crockpot. This brought them all together. 

We had Schlafly Christmas Ale on hand so that’s what I used. Folks, I drank a beer at 10 am. I’m serious. You don’t just throw out perfectly good, unused Schlafly Christmas Ale. It doesn’t matter WHAT time it is! (Don’t worry, it was my day off.)

Sauce + Chicken. Simmer baby simmer.

 Shredded up and deliciously sauced.

I served it up the way the recipe recommended, with a serving of slaw on top! 

We demolished it. Exhibit A: 

I SERIOUSLY recommend this recipe. It’s pitched as a summertime recipe in the original post, and I know its December but it is like 70 degrees. Close enough.

4 thoughts on “Day 3 and 4: Treats! Plus BBQ Beer Chicken

  1. I was inspired by your advent calendar. We used to have an advent calendar with little ornaments, each day we'd hang a new ornament on the tree. Then for a few years we had a lego advent calendar, each day we'd put together a new lego piece (and take them all apart and put them back in their compartments at the end). The flimsy cardboard boxes didn't last. When I read your advent calendar dates, I had a sudden panicky moment of "Oh my gosh this is our last Christmas with Nell at home" and started jotting down ideas we could do as a family.It is hard to come up with 24 ideas, and I was doing this on Nov 30 and Dec 1. Nell helped me. Some of our ideas are things like "Pet the cats". 😀

  2. No way! We did the BBQ Beer Chicken yesterday too!!! ESP, that's what that is. We thought it was pretty yummy as well. Used a Boulevard Wheat… delicioussssss.

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