52 Drawings, Week 5



Week 5 Drawing for Paper Mama 52 Weeks of Drawing Challenge.


week 5-1


I used Chelsea’s profile illustrations to help guide me. I really like her style of illustration.

I looked at this picture of myself in profile to figure out what I look like from the side. I took the liberty of ignoring the double chin.

(Note, if you were wondering where my nose comes from.. uh HELLO!)



52 Photos, Week 5

week 5


This week’s story: Eating leftover husband cake with my new blog format reflecting in my glasses. I spent my evening getting everything switched over and customized, so allow this to be my first welcome! I’m really pleased with the new look. You?


I got the best Christmas present EVER this year. Seriously, it was one of the best presents I’ve ever gotten.

Brett got me two tickets to see Rihanna in St Paul in March. My bestie Amanda and her boyfriend Andy are going to join us and Andy is going to keep Brett company while Amanda and I go twerk to Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. Jeesh. I’m so jazzed.
Of course, I immediately started losing my nut about what to wear. I went to the only place I know in times of outfit crisis: Polyvore.
I’m kind of OCD when it comes to Polyvore stuff. I only include items in my sets that I could actually afford, in my size. I’ll occasionally include $500 heels in an outfit for a chuckle, but rarely.
So find below, three outfit options. I’ll take suggestions and ideas. I looked for clothes that were comfortable, stylish, and of course, provided the greatest range of motion.

52 Drawings, Week 4

Here’s my week four drawing for the Paper Mama 52 Weeks of Drawings challenge.

It’s a four legged friend:

It’s basically my version of this drawing right here.

Have you guys caught on to the trend yet? I can’t actually draw. I can copy. So I guess that’s something. It isn’t really drawing, but it’s something.

Except, I’m not really getting better or learning anything new because I’m just doing what I can already do. I guess I do go through several versions before I settle on the one I’m going to post on the blog though. Is that something too?

Am I Crazy?

I want to start this post by saying that I blame everything that follows on three people. It’s their fault COMPLETELY.

Those three people are as follows:

Rachel. Rachel. Sarah.

Let’s start with Rachel #1. My original healthy friend. The girl who is always eating the salad at the bar. Who prefers kale to chocolate. Who makes brownies with dates in them. I’ve pretty much always envied the way she respects her body, even if I’ve usually found it bananas.

On to Rachel #2. Here’s where it gets really hairy. Rachel is like a role model to me. She’s healthy as a way of life. She routinely gives up sugar. She rides her bike to work. She swims. She hikes. She runs. She just totally gets it. I try to be more like her everyday.

And finally Sarah. I have the biggest beef with Sarah. When I met her, I immediately recognized a kindred (though thinner) spirit. We gagged in unison at the idea of a vegan restaurant. We helped consume two very large pizzas and several pint glasses of beer with our guys with as much zeal and as many helpings. We both bitched about the size of our thighs while recognizing how very little we actually do about it. AND THEN SHE BETRAYED ME. Sarah is getting married this year and finally decided- to hell with it. She’s taking control of her diet and her lifestyle. She went on this wackadoo two week vegan diet. She tried a detox. She’s doing so awesome. She’s awesome.

Worst of all? She’s making me seriously consider giving it a try myself. 

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52 Photos, Week 4

This week’s story: This wasn’t at 5:30. It was at 8:30. At 5:30 I was getting ready to start the board retreat for the United Way board of which I am the secretary. I love the United Way. I love board service. I do not love late nights.

I have two main goals for myself as a board member this year: say “yes” to what I can do well and say “no” to what I cannot do well.

Good luck to me.

Saint Louis

This weekend Brett and I went to St Louis to see our bestie Mary, who we met and fell in love with during our brief time together at Missouri State. She was a bridesmaid in the wedding and has known Brett and I as long as there as been a “Brett and I.”
Our visit coincided with The Loop Ice Carnival Pub Crawl and that event is virtually responsible for everything that follows. We had so. much. fun.
We started at Pi Pizzeria for lunch. I had a Schlafly Kolsh that could be my new favorite beer.

On Writing

I’m going to say something and I’m not sure if it’s a surprising fact about me or not.

I studied Creative Writing in college with a focus in poetry.

Like I said, I don’t really know if it surprises anyone or not to learn that about me. I mean, I do get the occasional look of surprise when people hear what I studied but mostly because I’m sure they are thinking, “WHY would anyone study that?!”

Or rather, why would anyone who wasn’t going to be a professor study that. And I guess I’m not sure either. I never really wanted to be a professor. But I always wanted to write. I loved writing. I still do.

I do write a blog, so maybe it doesn’t surprise people to hear that writing is a passion of mine. But I also feel particularly well suited for my current career trajectory, so maybe it is surprising. Does it matter? Not really.

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