Not Resolutions

I am not making resolutions. I’m really not. It’s just that… I like to make plans. And lists. And I love to try new things. And learn new skills.

So with that said, I’m thinking. I’m just thinking of fun stuff to do in 2013. Not resolutions. Just fun stuff.

Here’s a non-comprehensive list of things I’d like to do in 2013: 
-Be more affectionate toward Brett.
I know, I know. He’s super good looking. How can I keep my paws off, am I right? Well I’m just not a real touchy person. I’m more verbally expressive, ya know? Anyway, I wanna hug that guy more.

Use Untappd.
This is a fun beer drinking app. This is what I call “low hanging fruit.”

-Spend more time with friends and family. 
I’m a social butterfly, but sometimes it’s hard to prioritize the right people. I love my people. I’m going to let them know that in 2013.

-Keep track of all the books I read in 2013
If you are a particularly observant reader, then you’ll notice I added a tab on the site where I will list all the books I read this year. You’ll notice that list is empty. This is because I haven’t finished any books yet.

-Do a Photo-a-Week Challenge.
You pay attention. You’ve seen this. You know.

A lot. As often as possible.

Here’s a non-comprehensive list of things I’d like to NOT do/have occur in 2013:
-People grabbing my hair and asking if it’s real.
This happens to me. Not a lot, but occasionally. It happened on New Years Eve and it was particularly troubling because this drunk woman did not know her own strength. Allow me just to throw this out there for any parties who might find themselves curious- my hair is real.

-Buying tank tops. 
I don’t know why I do it. I don’t look good in them. I never wear them. When I see them in my closet, I always wonder, “why did I buy this?” This year, I put a stop to it.

-Saying “yes” to everything.
This year I am definitely going to say no. I’m going to respect my own time.

-24 Hour Facebook access. 
Less stalking, more talking. Give a hollah if you’re on Facebook waaaaaay too much!

-Driving without glasses.
This is become a hazard. I’m waiting every so patiently for these bad dads to arrive in the mail.

-Ignoring my blog for days, weeks at a time. 
I’m gunna post regularly, all year long. Probably. Maybe. There’s a chance.

So there you have my non resolutions. What are you doing or not doing in 2013? What are you committing to not commit to?

7 thoughts on “Not Resolutions

  1. WOo! I have wants for 2013…they include posting comments on your blog more! I've discovered that the problem is I read these all on Google Reader, so I don't comment. No More! I appreciate that you comment on mine and I read all of yours and think of things I want to say so I'm going to say them! So, I love your blog post and I'm thinking of copying the idea of putting together a list for 2013 of things that I'm going to try for. 🙂 Inspiring!

  2. Keeping track of books you are reading: I recommend looking into Library Thing. It's pretty cool!Twerk?Yeah, wear your glasses. You want to see all those bicyclists!I resolve to make no resolutions! I have to admit, after blowing off our mile a day from Thanksgiving through Christmas, I have run every day starting on Jan 1. Even though I am super critical of New Years' Resolutions and I get very snide about how packed the gyms & pools are the first 2 weeks of January. But I'm just doing it, cause, no reason. Not a resolution reason anyway.

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