Christmas/New Year’s Eve

I had a really amazing holiday. Of course, I forgot to take as many photos as I would have liked, but here’s a nice sampling of my Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

I got really excited when it snowed- We had a White Christmas!

We watched a lot of classic Christmas Shows!

I also did some fun Christmasy work stuff- like showing The Muppet Christmas Carol…

And walking in our First Annual Christmas Parade with my friend’s adorable daughter Macy.

There was a LOT of this..

And wrapping, eating, drinking, playing:

Our Christmas Eve Tradition- Chinese food! 

Christmas morning-

(Every Christmas morning we’ve ever spent together, I get out my camera and Brett exclaims, “Are you going to take pictures of me?!” The answer is always, “Uhm, yes.”)

I felt like a princess when I unwrapped this! My favorite..
Hanging out at Brett’s parents 

 And spending some awesome quality time with a couple of our favorites (Fries and Rachel and Kyle)

New Years Eve meant a new hair cut and some fun in Des Moines!

Confession: I still have not taken down a single Christmas decoration. Really hoping to tackle it this weekend but man! I really lost my fire for it!

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