Passing It On

I love you guys.

Seriously. I knew when I posted my thoughts on being a better wife that I would get encouraging, uplifting feedback and I totally did. Thank you.

I thought it would be beneficial to share with everyone all what others shared with me. Because I got some awesome ideas. Also- most of my amazing friends write amazing blogs and so I’m gunna push some traffic their way.

Here’s what you guys said-

Katie– “One piece of advice is to try to think of some way to bless your husband everyday. Ask him what things speak the loudest to him… is it initiating holding hand? Doing a load of laundry? Random I love you texts? Then try to focus your efforts on those things.” 

Rachel L – “I went on a year long mission to love myself. I hated that I was my own worst enemy and giving myself a break meant giving (my husband) a break too.” 

Rachel R– “I have a book for that.” (I love her.)

Sarah“I totally understand you when it comes to being more of a talker than a listener. I have to work at being aware and choosing to be quieter so I can support (my boyfriend) as well. I try to take a breath when he hasn’t talked much to just be silent.” 

Emily– “My favorite thing we do is read every night, not side by side, but we pick out a book and one of us reads it to the other.” 

Jess“Do the ‘intimate married things’ a lot. wink wink. Seriously. Don’t ever stop. There will be lulls as life comes (babies, health, etc.) and someday we will be old and have bad hips or something could happen to one us and I just want to enjoy the hell out of my husband for as long as life allows.” 
(EVERYTHING Jess said was awesome. Go read her comment. It rocked.)

What am I saying? It all rocked! I love you guys. Newly married or fine vintage- everyone said things that resonated to my core. Thanks for being my cheerleaders. My support. Seriously, thanks.

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