Saint Louis

This weekend Brett and I went to St Louis to see our bestie Mary, who we met and fell in love with during our brief time together at Missouri State. She was a bridesmaid in the wedding and has known Brett and I as long as there as been a “Brett and I.”
Our visit coincided with The Loop Ice Carnival Pub Crawl and that event is virtually responsible for everything that follows. We had so. much. fun.
We started at Pi Pizzeria for lunch. I had a Schlafly Kolsh that could be my new favorite beer.
Each stop of the pub crawl had an ice sculpture. This one was fairly intact, but the rest looked pretty sad because it was something like 60 degrees that day. Awesome for pub crawling. Less awesome for ice sculpturing.
Second stop- The Eclipse Restaurant at the Moonrise Hotel. Rooftop bar. Half pipe. Skateboarding 10 year olds.

St Louis and The Mosers.

Third stop- The Pin Up Bowl. Brett ran into an old college friend here and Mary made a hole-in-one! I would say we were maintaining here.

While we traveled, Mary stopped to lick one of the ice sculptures. You can see the state of it (and us).

Last stop- Three Kings.  We had some tasty New Belgium Lips of Faith beer of some kind and had a really hard time finding it on Untapped.

I started texting everyone I knew would reply. Someone received this photo and I’m sure that someone was very glad.

We left Three Kings around 6 pm. It was time for laying around and taking a bunch of selfies while we waiting for our Chinese to be delivered.

Here is a real exchange I had with the delivery guy:

Delivery Guy: “You work at haircut?”
Me: (How does this guy know I just got a haircut?) “What?”
Delivery Guy: “You work at haircut? Your hair look good!”

The next morning we needed so much brunch. Mary took us to Square One Brewery in this adorable neighborhood called Lafayette Square. I attacked some Eggs Benedict and a mimosa. I definitely want to hit this place back up for lunch and brews on another STL go-round.

After brunch we went to Euclid Records (and by “we” I mean “Mary and Brett” and I followed along because I was in the car.) Brett picked up a Pixies record and I checked Facebook on my phone. I didn’t find their sweet selection of poster prints until Brett was checking out, but at least I’ll know where to beeline when we go back.
Here’s a sweet photo.
We had an awesome weekend. We don’t really make it to St Louis as often as we should considering how close it is. 2013 is the year of fixing that!
We did miss this guy though!

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