Am I Crazy?

I want to start this post by saying that I blame everything that follows on three people. It’s their fault COMPLETELY.

Those three people are as follows:

Rachel. Rachel. Sarah.

Let’s start with Rachel #1. My original healthy friend. The girl who is always eating the salad at the bar. Who prefers kale to chocolate. Who makes brownies with dates in them. I’ve pretty much always envied the way she respects her body, even if I’ve usually found it bananas.

On to Rachel #2. Here’s where it gets really hairy. Rachel is like a role model to me. She’s healthy as a way of life. She routinely gives up sugar. She rides her bike to work. She swims. She hikes. She runs. She just totally gets it. I try to be more like her everyday.

And finally Sarah. I have the biggest beef with Sarah. When I met her, I immediately recognized a kindred (though thinner) spirit. We gagged in unison at the idea of a vegan restaurant. We helped consume two very large pizzas and several pint glasses of beer with our guys with as much zeal and as many helpings. We both bitched about the size of our thighs while recognizing how very little we actually do about it. AND THEN SHE BETRAYED ME. Sarah is getting married this year and finally decided- to hell with it. She’s taking control of her diet and her lifestyle. She went on this wackadoo two week vegan diet. She tried a detox. She’s doing so awesome. She’s awesome.

Worst of all? She’s making me seriously consider giving it a try myself. 


Honestly though, if you could wade though that heavy sarcasm what I’m trying to say is that my amazing friends are inspiring me to TAKE A LOOK AT ALL THIS. I’ve been thinking about a Paleo style diet for a while now. I’ve got a pal named Holly who is an acupuncturist/whole body wellness maven and she makes these life-changing statements the same way I say “another Pale Ale, please.” She said the number one game changer she’s seen in herself and her patients is to go gluten free, or to try the Paleo thing.
I’ve been intrigued since she said that to me, months ago.

Today someone posted an article online about the Paleo trend, but it also mentioned a program called Whole30 that I’ve never heard of before. It sounds . . . up my alley. I like short term challenges (hello 52 Photos52 Drawings) I’m interested in this whole thing anyway.

BUT I’M HONESTLY TERRIFIED. Namely, I’m afraid of failure. But I’m also afraid of how much I love donuts and beer and big, meaty cheeseburgers and I don’t want to give those up forever and ever.

But I’m also afraid that in a few years my doctor’s going to say, “Ok, but really, you are too heavy.” Or that Brett and I will try to have a baby and we won’t be able to. I’m a trend right now. I’m apart of the obesity epidemic in America simply by virtue of being overweight. That’s brutal. It’s a weird feeling. I hate it.

The thing I sort of like about the Paleo gig is that it’s not a diet and it isn’t about losing weight. It’s about overall health and lifestyle changes.

The point of this post is- AM I CRAZY? Should I do this? Thoughts?

PS- Brett is going to kill me when he reads this post!

11 thoughts on “Am I Crazy?

  1. It doesn't mean you are giving up your favorite foods forever. Going paleo or low carb doesn't mean no treats ever. It's a choice, not a food allergy. What if you got to savor two donuts once a month? (And cheeseburgers–at least the burger part– are right in line with paleo. Just no bun.)Second, you'd be amazed at how strong the flavors of those foods are after you haven't had them in a long time. In fact sugary food is so sweet I don't actually like it (when I'm "off" sugar).Third you'll crave those foods a lot less when you haven't had them in a while. The first week is the worst.To recap, 1) it's not forever, 2) those foods taste stronger, and 3) you won't actually want them anymore anyway.One caveat about "it's not forever". I know you follow the Happiness Project, and she has talked about working with your personality type. Are you an abstainer or a moderator?

  2. All of those things make me feel a WHOLE LOT better. Also re: the abstainer/moderator thing, I'm honestly not sure. My guess is moderator. The only thing I can think that I've ever given up is cigarettes and I didn't quit cold turkey. In fact, I still smoke every couple months when I drink (I KNOW IT'S AWFUL!). But I found when I "quit quitting" it took a lot of pressure off and I cared a whole lot less. That's probably the mark of a moderator.

  3. i went gluten free about three months ago for some health reasons… (except for when i was on my trip. i mean, how can one go to Paris and not eat a chocolate croissant for breakfast every single day? it is impossible, i tell you.) anyway, i feel so much better in terms of energy, and not feeling so sluggish like i've eaten a pint of glue that it sitting in my belly. a few days after i got back, i had dinner with a friend at an italian place and i'd looked at the menu beforehand and decided on getting the risotto which looked great, except when we got there, they told us that was an old menu and all they only had real pasta which is all sorts of filled with gluten and the next four days all i wanted to do was die. so yea, gluten free is better – i also felt a lot less bloated, and my thinking felt a lot clearer.good luck with whatever endeavour you choose to embark on! i look forward to hearing your updates!

  4. I still feel that we are very kindred spirits. I still look at a pizza and am 100% sure I could annihilate the entire thing on my own. I'm still down for overdoing it on the pints. But, I also got to this point where I didn't want food to have control over me anymore. I want it to be MY CHOICE, and that's it. I think I also got to a point where I looked in the mirror and had just had enough of feeling so shitty. It's so hard to explain but it was definitely a physical, mental, and spiritual low place for me–not taking care of myself. So, I just started into the grind. I say all of this because YOU have a choice too, and you can choose to be healthier if that is what you want. It's not an easy process, but the person above my comment is DOES eventually get a little easier. Step by Step. Day at a time. I view my changes as a way to discipline myself into new habits…because my old habits that I've formed for a VERY long time get ahead of me and get the most of me. You will find what direction you need to take. Find something that inspires you and motivates you and think of everyone who will be supporting you. That includes me! I think the Paleo/Gluten-Free is a great idea. And really, you can still have moments of LIFE where you eat what you want. Thanks for calling me out! I hope you aren't too pissed I betrayed you :).

  5. I could never do a vegan diet but more power to those who can! We do try and eat a few vegetarian meals a week and I have rice milk with my cereal/some cooking too, to reduce my animal fat intake. I had a college friend who went vegetarian, but her eating wasn't actually any healthier than mine because all she ate was crap! French fries are not vegetables! LOL

  6. DISCLAIMER: So I have some thoughts, but understand that I am no expert on anything and I haven't really been a shining example of weight loss or healthy eating, but I try. Sometimes. Also I really don't know a lot about Whole30 or Paleo, just what I've heard, so I may be incorrectAnyway:I have issue with diets that seem extreme even if it's just to "jump start" you into changing your eating habits. For example: I think in Whole30, maybe also Paleo, you're not supposed to eat beans and you eat a ton of meat. This doesn't fit well with what I know about healthy eating. I will not be convinced that you shouldn't eat beans. Beans are a terrific source of protein and fiber and if you eat beans every day your gut will be healthier. I also think that reducing/limiting the amount of meat is important. For me, the less meat I'm eating, the more vegetables and beans I eat. I'm lumping these in with the fad diets (sorry!) like Atkins. yes, reducing carbs is good and healthy, but (for example) on Atkins you're not supposed to eat carrots because of the sugar-I find this ridiculous. Nobody ever got fat eating carrots.THAT SAID- I think if a plan like this gives you direction and rules to help guide you to get started, then more power to you. If something helps you, then there;s value in that. My particular approach is Beans and Greens. Eat vegetarian as often as we can (for now, that's every at-home meal), and base meals around beans and eggs for protein, include spinach and broccoli (and kale, but ugh) several times a week and use the healthiest grains we feel like (quinoa, barley, rice, etc.).That was long and rambly and I want to encourage you because really, we all want to eat better and be healthy. (I also follow a lot of people on Twitter/blogs who did Whole30 for January, I'd be happy to send you some links so you can see what they say)

  7. Ok clearly this took me a while to get it together to respond. Background: I have a long and crazy history with health food that dates back to my childhood that was devoid of sugar and filled with crazy hippie food. I went through a huge weight gain in late high school. Then I lost it my first year of college (I know, this was a weird step, but I went vegetarian, dropped a bad best friend and gained a great one). Then I went to grad school and lost even more, because I walked everywhere, dropped my ick overweight boyfriend with terrible habits and was just generally broke. Then I got together with my wonderful husband and gained some more back haha. Can I tell you that I am the definition of a roller coaster. However, I'm usually just coastering 20 pounds up or down. I can tell you the emotional part of this though. I made a new vow to love myself awhile ago. This caused me to go up a bit, which is understandable, but once I actually put it into play, I actually found it a lot easier to make the good choices. I'm not sure when the light switched for me, but without constantly thinking about it and hating myself, I was free to think only long enough to make the right choice most of the time. None of this is useful to you on the diets, except that I have basically given up on those. Right choices for me, not diets, however, I have a life long knowledge of healthy foods and the ability to cook them edible that makes that a lot easier for me (thanks parents). I did lose a lot of weight being a vegetarian and still try to eat mostly vegetarian with a meal or so a week that contains meat, but that is just a right choice for me. I think ultimately you have to decide if a diet will help change you in the long run or not, as that is all that really matters. You have to let go of the hope that somehow, something will make you skinny fast. It just doesn't happen and if it does, it doesn't stay that way. Know that you're riding the life long roller coaster and then just try to take it day by day. I found that helps me generally make better choices without a giant gavel over my head causing me to constantly approach food emotionally. Sorry that was so long.

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