52 Drawings, Week 4

Here’s my week four drawing for the Paper Mama 52 Weeks of Drawings challenge.

It’s a four legged friend:

It’s basically my version of this drawing right here.

Have you guys caught on to the trend yet? I can’t actually draw. I can copy. So I guess that’s something. It isn’t really drawing, but it’s something.

Except, I’m not really getting better or learning anything new because I’m just doing what I can already do. I guess I do go through several versions before I settle on the one I’m going to post on the blog though. Is that something too?

One thought on “52 Drawings, Week 4

  1. There's some really popular blogs and web comics done by people who can't draw and they do an amazing job with the talents they have. http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/Even if you can't draw, but you go through several versions and are discriminating about which one is the right one, that's the same thing that other artists do. I think that is the process that makes someone an artist.I can't draw–even more so than you–and I created a pretty cool image for the bike safety brochure by tracing over a photo (and then doing a horizontal flip with the image editor). I used the same process you describe. Several versions and then settle on the one I want.

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