A Pledge

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So you guys remember this post right? I talked about Paleo and Whole 30 and my awesome healthy friends.

I got a lot of amazing feedback which is exactly what I wanted. I also talked to my personal trainer and Brett and thought quite a bit about it as well.

In response to those conversations, thoughts, and suggestions, I have decided to make the following pledge for February:

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  1. I will not buy any food that comes in a box or a bag (processed foods).
  2. I will not eat any fast food.
  3. I will not eat any pasta, buns, bread, or white potatoes.
  4. I will bring a healthy snack to work every day.
  5. I will have a plant and a protein and a glass of water at every meal.
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So there you have it. 5 guidelines that seem simple enough to follow, but challenging enough for growth. It isn’t really a diet and it doesn’t really follow any specific rules other than these seem like good ones to me and ones I can actually keep track of. It seems quite unlikely that I’ll ever really give up cheese, but I can probably pick recipes that don’t utilize it as a main ingredient. You can pry my Diet Coke from my cold dead hands, but I could probably stand to skip the cookie after lunch everyday and maybe make some gluten free brownies from scratch (or something…) My goal is to hit that 80/20 mark (ya know, 80% on track, 20% cheating) instead of living in the 50/50 world.

In other exciting news, I’ve found out that I have a pretty significant under-pronation problem (learn more here) that’s been causing the stabbing pains I get in the sides of my lower calves when I run or walk a lot. This is relevant because by the time you read this, I’ll have registered to run a 10 K at the 40th Annual Hospital Hill Run!

This is twice as much as I have ever run at a given time, but I’m excited about the challenge. The app I used for my Couch to 5 K program has a 10 K app that’s designed to be started once the Cto5k program is finished, so I plan to go through them both back-to-back for a 14 weeks total of training. I want to continue to walk laps at the pool and keep lifting for cross training. Anyone care to join? (I’m looking at you KC ladies!)

Just a reminder, “it’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

9 thoughts on “A Pledge

  1. Adjust your pronation gradually. For example when you walk or run, spend 1 min focusing on proper pronation. Gradually work in more 1 min-focus into your walks/runs. This is the instructions in “Chi Running” anyway. (I only have it on kindle unfortunately or I’d let you borrow it. Remember–I have a book for everything!)

    According to that book, that is how to correct your pronation without injuring yourself.

  2. Ah!!! This guidelines are AWESOME. Probably guidelines I really need to remember and follow as well. Some advice….cravings will hit HARD and you just have to work through them. Be honest about where you are at…but still try to choose some veggies and protein. the craving does goes away…I promise. That has been my biggest challenge. But the most rewarding part has been this indescribable feeling that my body has…it just feels–good, right, healthy. It didn’t take me long to feel this either…so I know you can do it! Please, please blog alot about it. It helps! Proud of you!

      1. omg. me too. so much. I was just reminiscing about french fries this morning. Although! Sweet potatoes are wonderful and you can make pretty healthy sweet potato fries my friend!

  3. Does that exclude whole grain breads and pastas too? My parents def lose weight by cutting carbs, but complex carbs are a great source of energy for your fitness!

    1. At this point, it does exclude whole grain breads and pastas, but this pledge is only a month long. I particularly would like to reintroduce bread to the scenario in the form of home-made, whole grain loaves created in my very own kitchen.

      Also- it would be awesome if you and Simon joined us on the run! I’ll be bringing up the back end so no worries on not keeping up!

      1. You need a Whole Foods girl! I have only made my own bread once but I loved getting all my ingredients in bulk! Sort of wish I had a bread maker but then again bread has been being made for thousands of years so I know it’s not really necessary.

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