Food Photo Round Up

I think trying to eat healthy is more fun that just scrounging for whatever heat-up meal is in the freezer. It makes cooking more of an adventure. You’ve got to try. And plan. And enjoy the fruits of your labor. Here are some tasty photos of some of the tasty food I’ve been eating lately, with links to the recipes so you can try them yourself if it tickles your fancy!

These ham and egg cups were out of this world. I just used some shredded cheddar I had in the fridge and it was awesome.



These chicken burrito bowls were kind of a throw together thing, but the avocado enchilada sauce I made up was tasty. I wanted to put it on everything. I’ve been using a homemade taco seasoning recipe I found here. I guess I care about preservatives and chemicals and stuff in my food (I don’t really) so this is a good alternative to store bought seasoning.


This vegan tofu chili was so out of my element that I was honestly not sure how it was going to be. I’m not sure I’ve ever even eaten tofu before, never mind cooked with it. Well, the tofu was a great add and I actually would like to find some more recipes to incorporate it into!


As you can see, the enchilada sauce was a big hit. I made these stuffed peppers and topped them with our leftover sauce. Way yum. Any tips on keeping your stuffed peppers from getting really watery? Mine were really, well, wet.



Headed to Kansas City to see my favorite people in the world so expect a big friend-focused post when I get home!

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