Progress (2)

three pounds

Pounds Lost This Week: 3
Total Lost: 10
Pounds Left to Goal: 40

This was another victory week. The first week always just feels like the body adjusting back to itself. This feels like real progress. The first week I worked out 6 days. Last week, I rested on Sunday and Wednesday and did just a short walk on Monday. However, I got in a run (I MUST GET NEW SHOES) and a nice long hike which felt great. Today, I bought my first commuter bike so I can start riding to work (weather permitting, hopefully starting soon) and went to my first kickboxing class which I have completely fallen in love with. Who doesn’t want to punch something at the end of their day?

I’m eager to lose another 10 pounds. That will put me around the weight I was when I ran my first 5K and the last time I was successful at losing weight (thanks to another short lived fitness blog.) Once I get past these next 1o pounds? Well, then we’re in business.

Brett and I have always talked about (and sincerely believed) that good health is about making small choices. Get the salad, skip the fries. Park a little father away than necessary. Play outside. But I don’t feel that we’ve been living those choices until now. It feels good to make progress, but it feels even better knowing I’m rewarding my body with good health (thanks Kara!)

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