Moser Valentine’s

Brett and I love Valentine’s Day. We almost always doing something special for each other and it is honestly one of my favorite holidays. I love giving gifts and cooking up surprises. After six Valentine’s Day’s together, we’re still having a good ole time! Here was our evening, in photos:

Brett’s gift- Tickets to see Weird Al perform in Kansas City in June! (Given on the condition that I’m not required to go with him!)


The decorations. Brett did dinner, I was in charge of decorations and dessert. IMG_3765


Cupcakes came from this recipe, which I’ve had pinned forever and never tried out. I opted for cupcakes, because even though it violated my February Food Resolution not to eat foods from a box, it was built in portion control which I need with my sweet tooth. IMG_3762


Strawberry cupcake with brownie on the bottom. Yum.


Brett made jambalaya and bought Princess and the Frog for us to watch. He makes some AH-MAY-ZING jambalaya and we’ve been eating on it ever since. IMG_3774


Brett bought me a pair of Tevas for Valentine’s which I realize doesn’t sound super romantic but totally is because I have been dying for a pair forever. They’re perfect for hiking and kayaking and cycling and I’ve already gotten them good and muddy from a 3 mile hike. He just totally gets me.

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