seven poundsPounds Lost This Week: 7
Pounds Left to Goal: 43

I still have much to say about my plans for this process, but let me start with this- is there anything better than a really successful first week? Most of that weight loss is likely water weight and some general self correction after a weekend of over eating, so I expect much smaller numbers next week. However, my food resolutions guided me through a weekend in Kansas City which always tempts my willpower. I worked out six days last week, focused on drinking lots of water, and getting as many veggies eaten in a day as I could. I feel reinforced, I feel supported, I feel a great deal of love in my life right now. That alone is a victory.

Food Photo Round Up

I think trying to eat healthy is more fun that just scrounging for whatever heat-up meal is in the freezer. It makes cooking more of an adventure. You’ve got to try. And plan. And enjoy the fruits of your labor. Here are some tasty photos of some of the tasty food I’ve been eating lately, with links to the recipes so you can try them yourself if it tickles your fancy!

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52 Photos, Week 6


This week’s story: A new workout jacket, a long ponytail, and the smell of chlorine. I’ve started swimming at least once a week and it’s quickly becoming my favorite form of exercise. I don’t actually swim laps- really, I walk them. I also use those foam dumbbells and get a great arm workout. My triceps are going to kick ass.


Recipe Review: Italian Meatballs


Here’s the thing about my #FebFoodPledge. So far, everything I’ve eaten has been so deliciously good that it’s taken like no effort. Thank the Lord Jesus for Pinterest because it makes meal planning so easy. I was excited to try these Italian Meatballs and for good reason. They were awesome and really, I mean really easy. I put them in the crockpot during the last 15 minutes of my lunch break.

Not that I really care about this sort of thing right now, but they’re also gluten free. And not because I’m crazy enough to spend $10 on a ziplock sandwich bag of almond flour either. I was just going to use regular whole wheat flour, but I forgot. Brett set it out on the counter for me and I just forgot about it. It didn’t seem to make much difference. The meatballs formed just fine and tasted great! I definitely recommend this recipe!




On Wanderlust

fatty advice

It should be no surprise that I love to travel. It is probably one of the most primary passions I have in my life. It’s also one of the first ways that I connected with Brett. Before we met, we had both done quite a bit of traveling around the US and after we started dating, we traveled together almost immediately.

Traveling helps Brett and I feel closer and more in sync with each other. It brings us together in a way that can’t be replicated inside the walls of our apartment.

We also recognize the benefits traveling has on our own persons. I feel more connected to the world. I feel like I understand myself better. I feel more educated, more empathetic.

Another, somewhat unlikely outcome? I feel content.

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A Pledge

Pears poster - Original Illustrated Digital Image for Download
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So you guys remember this post right? I talked about Paleo and Whole 30 and my awesome healthy friends.

I got a lot of amazing feedback which is exactly what I wanted. I also talked to my personal trainer and Brett and thought quite a bit about it as well.

In response to those conversations, thoughts, and suggestions, I have decided to make the following pledge for February:

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