Living It

Despite my best efforts to avoid it, this is quickly becoming a weight loss blog. I don’t really want it to be. But, it is such a big part of my life right now that it is hard not to talk about it, think about it, blog about it all the time. That is partly the problem. I am a whole person. I am a person who likes to read, and sing badly, and play cards, and shop for shoes and none of that has anything to do with losing weight. Part of my whine last time was that sometimes I just want to feel like a normal person, not a weight losing person. Just a person.

However, part of the person I want to be is a healthy person. I want cooking yummy meals from whole, fresh foods to be part of my daily routine. I want biking and running and hiking to be like breathing. It is just what I do. But, since it is not already what I “just” do, I have got to practice. That means until it becomes natural, it has got to be deliberate. If you know me, you know if I am doing something deliberately then I am talking about it. Now, I am blogging about it.

I have read some great books lately that have helped me understand health as a way of life. I read Born to Run by Chris McDougall cover to cover in about three days and it left me hungry to run, hungry to explore, and hungry to challenge my body. I picked up Eat and Run by Scott Jurek, an ultrarunner featured in McDougall’s book and I will probably wrap it up just as quickly. Jurek is a vegan and weaves narratives about clean eating and recipes deftly through his stories of training and perseverance. In the middle of a chapter, I couldn’t stand it any longer and put the book down to do an hour of yoga. Reading about people moving makes a person want to move.

I have enjoyed the journey of transforming the way I cook and eat. Here are a few pictures of some of my latest meals.

Slow Cooker Beef Gyros

photo (6)These were good. Not great, but good. The meat didn’t taste as “Greek” as I wanted, but it made enough for leftovers and the homemade tzatziki was delicious.

Eggs Benedict Burgers

photo (3)Scenes from my first stab at poaching an egg. Not too bad. Not that pretty, but it didn’t affect the taste at all.

photoMy attempt at hollandaise sauce were much worse. I used this recipe but cut it in half to avoid using an entire stick of butter. Maybe that was my problem. Either way, I’ll probably try to find something pre-made next time because overall, this meal was great and definitely worth trying again.

Paleo Pancakes

photo (5)

photo (2)I’m not going to link to a recipe here because every one you find will say the same- mix together one egg and one banana. Add mix-in of your choice. The real gig with these was getting them flipped over. Make your cakes small and cook on low heat. I burned one side of every pancake I made, but it still tasted somewhere in the neighborhood of fried banana bread. I used blackberries and they didn’t need any syrup

photo (4)

Lastly, here is a photo of my big, beautiful black bike- Hank the Tank. Fatty loves Hank because he can rub his cheeks across the tire spokes, and I suppose if you are a cat then that feels wonderful. At least someone is getting good use of it because my ass has not touched the seat since I rode it around the parking lot of Walt’s Bike Shop. Boo and hiss.



4 thoughts on “Living It

  1. I love the name! He’s so lightweight, it’s like calling the fat guy “Skinny” right? 😀
    I’ll have to try out the egg + banana pancakes sometime. Yum blackberries.
    I’m reading a book about forming habits. I’ve only gotten a few pages in, but I’ll have to tell you about it. (It’s Elsie’s & I’m sure she’ll let you borrow it.)

  2. Do you even KNOW how amazing you are? Look at all these new recipes you have been trying? It’s very brave to put yourself out there and even talk about weight on your blog. It doesn’t mean you write a weight loss means this is where you are at in life right now. You are being open, honest, and sharing your journey with us. Right now your journey is learning healthy habits. And we all love hearing about it. keep it up 🙂

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