Eat and Run

I just finished Eat and Run by Scott Jurek.

The last lines of the book are among the most powerful and I want to share them with you. If you are trying to lose weight, or win a race, or get your degree- every journey matters.

You can be transformed. Not overnight, but over time. Life is not a race. Neither is an ultramarathon, not really, even though it looks like one. There is no finish line. We strive toward a goal, and whether we achieve it or not is important, but it’s not what’s most important. What matters is how we move toward that goal. What’s crucial is the step we’re taking now, the step you’re taking now.

Everyone follows a different path. Eating well and running fee helped me find mine. It can help you find yours. You never know where that path might take you.

-Scott Jurek, Eat and Run 

One thought on “Eat and Run

  1. I appreciate you sharing so much of this with us. It’s where you are and what’s going on for you right now so please don’t feel bad for focusing so much on weight loss, etc. I am at a point where I need to focus on it too so I’m enjoying reading about what you’re doing.

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