Progress (4)

one pound

Pounds Lost This Week: 1
Total Lost: 14
Pounds Left to Goal: 36

This was the week of being snowed in. This was the week of making a bad choice and then trying to overcompensate. This was the week of not really having a plan. This was the week of understanding that I need to change “UGH I’m trying to lose weight which means I have to be a hyper-vigilant hose beast,” into “I’m cultivating health, for my lifetime, and these are the choices I’ll be making in order to do so.” 

In my opinion, February Food Resolutions were a smash. They helped me lose 14 pounds! If you don’t remember, they were:

  1. I will not buy any food that comes in a box or a bag (processed foods).
  2. I will not eat any fast food.
  3. I will not eat any pasta, buns, bread, or white potatoes.
  4. I will bring a healthy snack to work every day.
  5. I will have a plant and a protein and a glass of water at every meal.

Some of them were such  smart, simple additions to my life that I had no problems adhering. Others, well . . .

1. I did “okay” on this. I cheated a bit. I bought pita chips and probably some other things as well. But- 80/20 is the goal here! Also, do you know how simple it is to grocery shop when you eliminate prepackaged foods?! The natural partner to this resolution is that my focus has been directed towards whole, fresh, simple foods to eat in the place of something packaged. (Note: I miss mac and cheese. When I lose 20 pounds, I’m going to eat some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.)

2. This one was a great resolution and easy to follow. I should probably become one of those people who just does not eat fast food. I cheated only once on our way out of town on a Friday night. But I opted for Taco Bell so that I didn’t have to cheat on the other resolutions.

3. This was probably my smartest rule because white potatoes are a real vice for me. I love fries. I had a great chat with my friend Mary last night and she gave me a wonderful suggestion. Her mom (a Weight Watchers coach, fitness mama, and all around ass kicker) has “vacation foods.” Fries fall into a category of foods that she only eats on vacation. I think I might pick up that particular rule!

4. Snacking has saved me. It has made me eat smaller portions. It has helped me increase my servings of fruit and veggies and smaller portions. Snacks are where it’s at, people.

5. Of all my rules, this was the most calculated and probably the least followed. I bring a water bottle to work (750 mL) and fill it up twice during the day, so I think my water consumption is on target, even if I don’t drink at meals. Overall, I know I’m eating more fruits and veggies and more healthy protein, but I can’t be certain about eating them in that combination at mealtimes.

Now, naturally, I set these resolutions up with built in loop holes. For instance, I can eat all the tortilla chips I want if I did not buy them. I still eat canned soups. Saturday night I had a big pile of barbecue burnt ends, but sans bun. So have I reach a new level of zen with my eating? No. Probably not.

But I’m developing habits that are sustainable and I promise, promise that my next post will be all about that.

Also, in order to comply with my “Giving Up Goals” for Lent, I’ll be continuing to follow my February Food Resolutions through March, rather than creating a new list. One modification- I am going to experiment with making my own bread! Stay tuned!

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