52 Photos, Week 10

week 10

Apologies for being a week behind! Time to get back on track…

This week’s story: I’m borrowing an Instagram selfie that I posted on Facebook yesterday because the story is just good. After my lunch break yesterday I rode my bike back to work for my first ever commute via bicycle! The weather was just a little chilly but the sun was out and I couldn’t resist. One leg of the trip is just about 2 miles and at my very leisurely pace it only takes about 15 minutes. Until the weather warms up, I’ll probably stick to the lunch time routine, but it’s a great way to get some very organic exercise. After reading this article on NPR, it made me realize how important that really is. My life is only going to get more complicated from this point forward, so I want to build these lifestyle habits now! 

(Also, I’ve quit my 52 Drawings Challenge. I’m challenged enough. Meh.) 

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