Progress (5)

two pounds

Pounds Lost This Week: 2
Total Lost: 16
Pounds Left to Goal: 34

I felt like this photo was apt of my week because even though we got our Girl Scout Cookie order in, I still lost 2 pounds! Making reasonable choices is becoming more habitual for me. I have to think about it less and less. At dinner last night I had one small glass of wine and declined any more. It has been weeks since I have had second helpings of anything. I stocked up on a couple pints frozen Greek yogurt at the grocery store and have been surprised to find my sweet tooth satisfied after just a handful of bites.

I have started biking to and from work after my lunch break and have taken a couple longer (for me!) weekend rides which I think has help compensate for a not-so hyper vigilant workout schedule. I really like working out, but some days I just cannot get myself to make it happen so cycling has helped keep me active without much effort.

Brett has been really encouraging and is telling me that he can really see the difference. Which is a nice thing to say and I do not care if it is true at all or not. (He would interject here and say, “It IS true!”) We were talking about my recent lifestyle changes last week and I said something very confidently that I am not sure I have ever said before while trying to lose weight. I said, “will lose the 50 pounds. I have no doubt about that. But my goal is to have a healthier lifestyle.” I don’t know that I have been so assured of my success before and understood that achieving it will be a reality, not just a hope.

Yet here I sit, sure of my success. I know I will see the other side of 50 pounds (and ultimately my goal is more) and think, “Oh gosh, remember when I was doing all of that for the first time?” I know I will be the runner, hiker, cyclist, paddler, kick-boxer, climber, swimmer of my dreams. I am getting better and I am feeling better. Confidently.

2 thoughts on “Progress (5)

  1. I’m so proud of you and your attitude. I’ve hit a point where I’ve said to myself: I want to BE a person who exercises and eats healthily (and has an organized home and her own sense of style/put-togetherness, heh) so I have to actually make it happen. Now. And then it will just BE. After. You’re amazing. I’m so glad you’re sharing so much with us.

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