52 Photos, Week 11

week eleven

This week’s story: Another good morning photo. Brett is traveling for work this week so I am holding down the fort with Stella and Fatty. Have you read any of the recent articles from The Atlantic about house work? (Here and here.) [<- For the record, I thought they were both good.] Anyway, at our house making coffee falls distinctly into the category of “Brett Work.” I am not entirely sure why but he makes the coffee every morning (or before bed, rather) and when he is gone, I typically cannot be bothered to attempt making it for myself. I know how. I can. I just don’t.

But I did today. Brett left Monday and was darling enough to get a pot ready for me to drink on Tuesday morning. Having a quiet cup of coffee yesterday morning was so pleasant, I could not resist having a second go-round today.

Yes folks, this week’s story is that I made a pot of coffee. Can you tell there has not been much excitement in my life lately? (Editor’s note: THANK GOD!)


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