When To Lose Weight

If there was a perfect time to lose weight (there isn’t) then I have found it (I haven’t.)

I have been getting some excellent compliments and encouragement lately. Most have them have sounded something like, “Amanda, you are quite literally the best person in the world. How can I be like you?”

Okay, not. But a lot of people have noticed my attitude, my progress, my honesty. Thank you. Please don’t stop (even when I’m being an ass. See: above.)

The best part of this encouragement is that I agree with the lion’s share of it. I do have a good attitude. I am making realistic choices. I am being patient with myself.

turkey burger
A rip off of this recipe. Click photo for recipe.

Recently though, I have given pause and wondered, “Yeah. But why?!

I think it is, in part, because I have found the perfect time to lose weight. (I haven’t.)

I tried to lose weight before my wedding. I tried to lose weight right when I moved to Kirksville. I tried to lose weight in college.

All of that effort, to no avail. I cannot tell you what the secret is other than to say if you can get almost literally every other area of your life to be satisfying and contenting, then you have given yourself a big head start.

I’m happily married. I have no children. My job is fulfilling. I have limited my extra commitments and they add little additional stress to my life. I like where I live. My relationships with friends and family are in working, functional order.

oatmeal pancake
A hybrid recipe based on this recipe for oatmeal pancakes. We added crumbled bacon and cheese to the pancake batter. Click photo for recipe.

Losing weight is my big “thing” right now. I have no other “thing.” I am of one mind. Singularly focused.

Except when I’m not.

Which is why I contradict myself by saying there is no such thing as a perfect time to lose weight and why of course I haven’t actually found it. Many, many people have lost weight without having the other areas of their lives ironed out. And of course many, many people have failed to lose weight no matter what the serendipitous timing might be.

do think that I picked the right time for myself to lose weight. I set up a reasonable goal. I gave myself something to look forward to (hellooo, Mexico!) I have surrounded myself with like-minded people. I have educated myself.

I am beyond please that this effort is going so smashingly, so differently. I can hardly say why, but I would rather not try to focus on it for too long, lest I lose sight of the how.

2 thoughts on “When To Lose Weight

  1. There’s no good time to have kids either. That’s a truism I came up with decades ago. You will never be able to “afford” kids. (Daycare is expensive and risky. Yet no one is getting rich running a daycare.) There’s never a good time in your career. I determined that the best time to have kids is actually in high school.

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