52 Photos, Week 12

week 12

This week’s story: Y’all. I am getting tired of this winter weather. Today is the first day of spring and it snowed. I am wearing a flower in my hair anyway.

This week it has been a challenge to follow my commitment to Lent. I have found myself almost-sort-oh-kinda signing up to do more. Thank goodness kickboxing cut a meeting short on Monday night because I almost violated my sacrifice in a BIG way by volunteering to take on another project. I sort of did violate it earlier in the week by agreeing to take notes and send reminders for a committee I am on. I know that sounds silly because c’mon- that is not a big deal at all. But you have to understand what a slippery slope that sort of thing can be for me. My biggest priority right now is my marriage and my health and I want to be cautious of distractions (no matter how good the intentions). I am trying to be the Amanda that God created. The best version of myself, but His version, not mine. I am weary of blind ambition, achievement for the sake of itself, the pursuit of more. By giving up goals, projects, and new responsibilities, I am trying to seek peace. Within myself and without.


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