Glow Run 5K

So a few weekends ago now, my friend Kimber and I drove up to Des Moines to run in the Glow Run 5K with my cousin Jer. I sort of planned it as a pre-Hospital Hill race experience, to encourage me and keep me going. It, uhm, did not go as planned. Basically, we ate a huge meal at a German restaurant before the race, drank a ton of beer, got pretty toasted, had to pee super bad during the middle of the race, cut through an alley and ended up reconnecting with the race at the finish line. A well-run race it was not. However, I did run 3.1 miles at home the next day to soothe my guilty conscience.

Here is my photo essay.



So apparently a liter is kind of big. IMG_4204





It took us forever to drink. It was almost painful.




Finally finished.


The race started at the Science Center. This created many photo ops.




So, we started to take this photo and it turned out really bad. We decided just to make it a bad photo, in that case.


Have you ever gotten out your phone to take a pic and you’ve forgotten it’s in the forward facing mode? Yeah, so have I.










There were over 12,000 people there. Tasty.IMG_4239


My “finishers” medal


On our detour


IMG_4255That’s me. A Star.

Paleo (Lite)


So April was a bust. No point in posting progress today because there was none. I actually gained back 2 pounds so it’s like April never even happened. Ya know what? I am okay with that. Let’s just say April never happened. I am not going to let it discourage me and I am not going to let it keep me from moving forward on this journey. Our Paleo challenge starts TODAY and I am not messing around.


So here’s how I’m messing around. (Ha). I like the basic structure of paleo, but like anything I need to make it a perfect fit for me. So here are a few things that I am planning to modify:

1.) Legumes are allowed. I love black beans and pinto beans. I think they are a great source of protein and a good meal filler. Peanuts are also technically legumes, but they are such a cheap snack (when unsalted) that I want to keep my options open.
2.) Some dairy. The need for dairy decreases quite a bit when you stop eating processed foods or baking, but I still want the option to have a glass of milk. I am also not going to cut out cheese entirely, but I do want to limit it.
3.) No expensive substitutions. No almond flour here. No coconut aminos. I am on a budget here people. I am going to do lots of shopping at our local farmer’s market, but grass-fed, organic whatsits is not always an option for me. When possible, I will be using the cheap stuff if called for.

So there you have it! I do plan to be quite strict on a few other things. One, just for this month- no alcohol unless it is a special occasion (which this month include a wedding and my husband’s birthday.) When I do drink it, I will do so lightly. Also, no bread, no buns, no pasta, no white potatoes. Lastly, back to the meal plan. My lesson in April was loud and clear-

Fail to plan, plan to fail. 

So we are getting back on track. I have a little over a month left until my 10K race. The weather is nice enough to start biking to work regularly. Kickboxing is now twice a week.

I see good things for May!



Whoa guys. Sorry for the out and out cold shoulder. I did NOT mean to let the blog go neglected for so long! This week I helped host 5 Brazilians on the Rotary Group Studies Exchange Team. It was amazing to get to know them and to hang out all week (a post for that later) but it kind of wiped me out!

Andre, Andrea, Nilo, Junior, and Pablo {My Brazilian Soul-mates}

But, now the Brazilians are on to their next stop and I am left to deal with the issue at hand: I have hit a major plateau. You know that 5 pounds that I miraculously lost a couple weeks ago? Well, that was a case of “too good to be true.” I must have stepped on the scale funny or something, because I am back up to the previous week’s weight. Which, let me remind you, was the same as the week before. That means, folks, that I have lost a total of ZERO total pounds in April.

Now, 22 pounds lost is nothing sniff at. It is certainly more weight than I have ever lost in any one attempt before. And, to make myself feel better, I’m going to stop by my trainer’s this afternoon and get some measurements done, so I can compare from when I started this whole process, back in November when I first started working out. My clothes fit a bit better and I feel good, so I know there has been progress. Amazing progress.

But I do not want to be done at 22. The weight I am at right now is not a healthy weight for my body and that is my ultimate goal. Health. So here is where I need your help! How do I get through this slump? My friend David gave me some really great advice about pushing through my running goals (no surprise: it is a mental game). But how can I hammer out some more weight loss? I need a victory here and a push to keep me going.

Next month, Brett and I are going paleo. We are going to give it the ole college try, and I have a post in mind for that as well. We are obviously going to modify it some to fit our needs! But more tips are definitely welcome! Should I journal for a week? A month? Should I incorporate smoothies? Should I work out in the morning? Night? Twice a day? <– Ha ha. I won’t be doing that but you get the idea.


52 Photos, Week 16



This week’s story: Sometimes you just need to take a work bathroom pic. That’s today. Mostly because for the first time in almost 30 pounds, I can tell that I look a little thinner. I have been whining a lot lately because I feel like if someone else had lost the weight I have lost, their look would be so drastically different. I don’t look that different. But, I am not someone else. I am just me. I look how I look and it is coming off in the way it is coming off.

That said, I have always had a bit of a pooch and always been a bit self conscious about tucking in my shirt, but I feel really nice in this outfit. I can tell I’m slimming down in my belly. That’s a nice feeling.

5K this weekend! It is a rainy week here, so I am praying for a break in the precipitation so I can get out for some runs!

Progress (9)

five pounds

Pounds Lost This Week: 5
Total Lost: 27
Pounds Left to Goal: 23

Well, I finally got my “reset” week! I had only lost about 3 pounds since the beginning of April and was beginning to mentally feel the effects of no progress (see: here). But this week’s weight loss is brought to you by the letter “R” for running and “P” for portion control. This week I got back on track with my training schedule and as difficult as that was for me (it meant going out at 6 am one day to fit in a run and convincing myself I could do it, sore throat or not,) I think it made all the difference. I paid just a little more attention to how much I ate (though honestly, not what I ate which included, I kid you not: a Chinese buffet, a gryo salad, Taco Bell, and McDonalds). 

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52 Photos, Week 15

week 15

This week’s story: Well, I am another week behind. No sweat, this photo project is just for fun. (Though the unfortunate narrative of my life is increasingly becoming, “getting behind.”) I’m really just trying to plug along. In my health, at home, at work. I am seeking some divine inspiration. I feel like my thoughts have been a flurry of prayer lately. “God help me. Help me. Help me.” I am not flailing, so much as stalling. Idling.

Phew, that was cryptic. Ever just feel in a funk? I think I am in a funk.

How do you reignite yourself? How do you find focus? How do you direct your drive? All advice is wanted and welcome. Happy rainy Wednesday!

Progress (8) (Or not…)

Pounds Lost This Week: 0
Total Lost: 22
Pounds Left to Goal: 28

No fancy photo this week, y’all. I lost zero pounds last week. This is not particularly surprising to me because, no excuses, I have not been eating like a person trying to lose weight. I have not been eating that bad. . . but I have not been eating that well either. Lots of travel, lots of temptation, and not a lot of will to pick the smarter option. This one is on me. Continue reading “Progress (8) (Or not…)”

The Last Word on Lent

I talked a bit in length about Lent here and here. Now that it’s over, I want to share how it all went.

To be clear, this was a very personal exercise. It would have made no sense, for example, for Brett to challenge himself to practice saying “No” because believe it or not this is a guy who respects his own personal boundaries. If he does not want to do something, he simply says, “no thank you.” It does not appear to be a part of any grand scheme, other than he seems to know how he likes to spend his time. I respect him a great deal for this and really hope it is contagious.

In spite of my somewhat constant efforts to trim down my schedule, I still find myself feeling very overwhelmed. I do not quite have the margins in my life I would like.  Continue reading “The Last Word on Lent”

Thoughts on April

Well. I am sick. Which is a horrible way to start a month that promises such nice weather and exciting possibility. It is also a month in which I desperately need to step up my running game and that particular goal is being derailed almost immediately. I ran on Saturday, rested on Sunday, kickboxed Monday, and woke up sick on Tuesday. I did not run yesterday and do not anticipate feeling up to running today either. Ick. At any rate, I am going to run the Glow Run 5K in Des Moines this month so I have GOT to be ready for that! Along with running that 5K, I have a few other standing goals for the month.

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