April Food Resolutions

So March’s stab at February Food Resolutions was a little half-assed. No reason to lie here. I ate fast food several times. I went a little ham on my Minneapolis vacation. I did not really have them at the front of my mind and as such, they did less to guide me. Ah well. What it did do was indicate where I should loosen the reins and where I should tighten.


My April Food Rules are as follows:
1. I will recommit to water, water, water.
2. I will eat vegetarian two days a week.
3. I will eat only one meal a week not cooked in a personal kitchen (except when traveling).

4. I will not buy any foods with more than 5 ingredients.
5. I will develop a list of vacation foods that I only eat when outside the state of Missouri.


These rules do a good job of reflecting how my March went. I did quite a bit of eating out and honestly, sometimes fast food is just easy. I often have lunch meetings or receptions or any number of things that keep me from cooking in my own kitchen. My new goal is to plan accordingly for these events and not over do it. If I have a lunch meeting one week, then I want to plan ahead with my schedule for dinners that week, so I am not as tempted to eat out. It won’t be a fool proof plan, but it is a compromise.


My 5 ingredients rule is more of an experiment. I am not entirely sure how realistic it is, but I think it will make for an interesting grocery store adventure. Additionally, Brett has been craving pasta since I cut it out in February and I would like to have whole wheat pasta with a nice, all-natural sauce available to us as a quick meal option (especially if we want to cut down on eating out.)


I want to keep drinking lots of water (in spite of my never ending need to go to the bathroom when I do) and eating healthy, whole foods. The biggest lesson I have learned through my food rules however is portion control. You can eat virtually whatever you want, as long as you keep the portions small. I am going to do my best to keep this in mind as I eat my way through April! Wish me luck!


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