Thoughts on April

Well. I am sick. Which is a horrible way to start a month that promises such nice weather and exciting possibility. It is also a month in which I desperately need to step up my running game and that particular goal is being derailed almost immediately. I ran on Saturday, rested on Sunday, kickboxed Monday, and woke up sick on Tuesday. I did not run yesterday and do not anticipate feeling up to running today either. Ick. At any rate, I am going to run the Glow Run 5K in Des Moines this month so I have GOT to be ready for that! Along with running that 5K, I have a few other standing goals for the month.

I want to ride my bike as MUCH as possible this month. Since I bought him in February, Hank went from here:


To here:


Don’t get me wrong, he looks great on my mantel. Fatty loves to rub his face on Hank’s spokes and chains. So much so that Fatty ended up with a little grease ‘stache that made Brett and I laugh til we cried:


But this bike was meant for riding (and that’s just what he’ll do…) At first, I was going to proclaim I would ride my bike three times a week. But this week I am sick and next week there is rain in the forecast every single day. That is just not fun riding for me. So as much as possible is the standing goal.

A second goal is to wear my hair down more often. As you can tell by my 52 photos project, I usually pull my hair up into a top knot or into a side braid. Cute options, but what’s the point of having such long hair?

Also, what a difference a year makes!

March 2012:


March 2013 (My latest hipstergram):


I got hair y’all! I should keep it blonde right? Blonde? I need some guidance.

My final goal for April and the one I plan to hold myself to is to lose 12 pounds this month. I want to step my efforts back up and also look smokin’ hot for my friend Stefanie’s wedding on May 4. With 12 more pounds down, I should weigh around what I did here, circa February/March 2011:



I took these pictures during my last stab at losing weight, when I weighed about 30 pounds less than I did when I started this time! Sheesh. If we could just be grateful for what we have, huh? (Also, RIP old apartment) Even at the weight in these photos, I’ll still be about 15-16 pounds away from my goal. There’s still work to be done. Even though I think I look pretty damn fine in these pics, I still want to reach a healthier weight, one that is better to sustain.

If I could just get over this head cold, I could get off my butt and get after it! Ah well. Wishing you good health wherever you are and an amazing April!

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