Progress (8) (Or not…)

Pounds Lost This Week: 0
Total Lost: 22
Pounds Left to Goal: 28

No fancy photo this week, y’all. I lost zero pounds last week. This is not particularly surprising to me because, no excuses, I have not been eating like a person trying to lose weight. I have not been eating that bad. . . but I have not been eating that well either. Lots of travel, lots of temptation, and not a lot of will to pick the smarter option. This one is on me.

Brett is traveling for work this week, which means a sort of strange routine, but one where I do not have to feed another person anyway. I am usually able to live pretty cheaply and scrounge on weeks that he is away. I planning on taking the opportunity to use my extra free time to reset my diet and stay active.

On that active note, I am still sick. I stayed home from work on Wednesday, but I did not do much resting. Thursday-Sunday was travel, so not surprisingly my throat still hurts, I am still coughing, and my nose is doing weird things. I ran ONCE last week. (Though I did go on a walk at Rachel’s suggestion . . . yes, it seemed like I only had time for one!) I know I should give myself time to rest but I cannot see putting off running for another week. I am not completely sidelined, I just don’t feel my best. What should I do? Normally I kickbox on Monday nights, and I don’t know about that tonight either. URGH! Suggestions accepted!

On another health note, I can already see I need to revise my April Food Resolutions. While I managed to FAIL big time at eating veg two days last week, I want to keep that one because I think it is a smart option. My 5 ingredient rule is going to have to go, however. This is a busy month and I need grocery shopping/eating to be as simple as possible. I sent Brett on a few pick up trips and God love him, he is a guy and he is looking for what is easy. I want to try the 5 ingredient rule out sometime, but now is not that time.

Ideas for a new food rule? I need help people!

There is some cardinal rule of blogging that you should never post without a photo, so here is a photo of my beautiful friend and bride-to-be Stefanie and her bridesmaids from the shower we threw for her this weekend!


6 thoughts on “Progress (8) (Or not…)

  1. Hey don’t be too hard on yourself! If you don’t feel we’ll and don’t have much time, take a deep breath and move on! Walking is good exercise and it doesn’t tax your respiratory system like running can. You have lost 22lbs and that is an awesome accomplishment. A bump in the road is a bump in the road….nothing more! If you feel crabby about it, go for another 10 minute walk.

  2. Glad you did the walk! My suggestion for how much to work out when you are getting over illness: Go to kickboxing but don’t go full tilt. Take it easy. If you don’t make it to kick boxing or whatever is on your schedule, go for a walk.

    Food rules: Do you like V8 or carrot juice? That’s an easy way to get 1 or 2 servings of veggies in. Are you still drinking diet soda? Maybe you want to switch to the little short cans.

  3. Erg. I’ve been in a slump too. I lost 2 pounds and then was like, whew. That was hard. Let’s not do that again. And then promptly gained them back. So, uh, losing 10? Probably not gonna happen if I keep that up. This is another time that I really wish we lived closer. Then we could bitch about not wanting to exercise but then go for a walk anyway.

    1. Oh I hear you. I got all jazzed losing 20 pounds. Like that’s a big deal, but I’ve just sort of stalled since then. I’m beginning to believe in the power of “going for a walk anyway.”

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