52 Photos, Week 15

week 15

This week’s story: Well, I am another week behind. No sweat, this photo project is just for fun. (Though the unfortunate narrative of my life is increasingly becoming, “getting behind.”) I’m really just trying to plug along. In my health, at home, at work. I am seeking some divine inspiration. I feel like my thoughts have been a flurry of prayer lately. “God help me. Help me. Help me.” I am not flailing, so much as stalling. Idling.

Phew, that was cryptic. Ever just feel in a funk? I think I am in a funk.

How do you reignite yourself? How do you find focus? How do you direct your drive? All advice is wanted and welcome. Happy rainy Wednesday!

One thought on “52 Photos, Week 15

  1. “How do you reignite yourself? How do you find focus? How do you direct your drive?”
    I think you go for a walk…
    (Ever feel like I’m holding a hammer and everything is a nail?)

    Ok, here’s an answer that almost doesn’t include “go for a walk”. Don’t focus on “getting behind”. Every week that you did make your goal, whether it was a weekly photo or training or diet, is a week that you wouldn’t have made any progress if you hadn’t tried in the first place.

    Each day that you miss a goal is a day you can go for a walk or do something simple instead. “The 20 minute walk (or 10 min or 5 min…) that you take at lunch does more good than the 3 mile run you intended to do.”

    It’s ok to be in a funk. You’ve been ill. It takes time to fully recover. It’s frustrating to have your big plans get derailed by a virus. I’ll try to learn from your lesson and build a “sick response” into my plans. For example I was going to run a race a month and the very first race I have to miss for a funeral. (But it’s an important funeral, and a nice one. Grandpa lived a long life, is much beloved, and is free at last from pain & dementia.)

    By the way, inspired by you I’m down 5 pounds myself. Well, in part inspired by you and in part inspired by a quality of life issue. Running is an awfully leaky exercise for me above a certain weight. I want to lose a little weight & strengthen those kegels! I’m about 20 pounds overweight. Not much, not enough to even mention, right? But I’m not going to try to lose 20 pounds. I’m going to lose 5 pounds. I might try to lose another 5 after that, even if the QOL issue is cleared up. I might not.

    Scroll down to “The Most Important Axioms of Dieting” in this post: http://www.fatcyclist.com/2013/03/25/how-to-lose-25-pounds-while-seeming-like-a-complete-freak-and-alienating-everyone-around-you-part-1/

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