Progress (9)

five pounds

Pounds Lost This Week: 5
Total Lost: 27
Pounds Left to Goal: 23

Well, I finally got my “reset” week! I had only lost about 3 pounds since the beginning of April and was beginning to mentally feel the effects of no progress (see: here). But this week’s weight loss is brought to you by the letter “R” for running and “P” for portion control. This week I got back on track with my training schedule and as difficult as that was for me (it meant going out at 6 am one day to fit in a run and convincing myself I could do it, sore throat or not,) I think it made all the difference. I paid just a little more attention to how much I ate (though honestly, not what I ate which included, I kid you not: a Chinese buffet, a gryo salad, Taco Bell, and McDonalds). 

You guys. I am gunna do this! I am legit going to lose 50 pounds and that is seriously going to be the most incredible accomplishment of my life. (Other than picking a spouse who gives me his unending support, surrounding myself with people who love and care about me, graduating from college with honors, picking a career field that’s meaningful to myself and the world around me, finding the love of Jesus Christ, etc) But for real. I am not really a goal oriented person. I am a little bit of a quitter. I am not very competitive. Part of this comes (I think) from the fact that my parents were pretty laid back and were always impressed with me just the way I was, so I had no really pushing motivator throughout my growing up years. (Which was really nice, don’t get me wrong. My folks were just happy to see my graduate high school to say nothing of the other things I involved myself in!) So I was always my own source of motivation. Which means that often, when the going got tough- I got going. Outta there.

So I am not about goals but I am about relationships and by blogging about this journey, I have engaged in a relationship with you. And you have been cheering me on. And I really want to be able to say to you, “Thank you so much for your help. I DID IT.” Last week was tough, but it kept me accountable. And hearing you all say, “Hey. Take it easy, you’ve already done something amazing,” encouraged me to keep doing that amazing thing.

If I lose my 12 pounds in April and keep up a healthy rate of weight loss (about 2 pounds per week) then I should hit goal by the end of June! I plan to do a LOT of window shopping at between now and then because I think mama deserves some bling! Woo hoo!

4 thoughts on “Progress (9)

  1. Can you make a graph of your weight loss? I like those.
    I have this idea that weight loss might be more successful with smaller goals. Instead of “my ideal weight is # so I need to lose #”, how about “I am going to lose 5 pounds”. Once the weight loser is down 5 pounds, time to celebrate! Doing that over and over means you get lots of successes. An occasional failure won’t be so bad.

    Speaking of failure, I did not make it to my 39th birthday 100% sugar free. On the way to Kansas I had a milkshake. Today my allergies are acting up and I feel awful and I’m drinking a coke to combat the itchiness on the roof of my mouth. On the walk to get a coke I thought up a million things I could have done instead. So tomorrow I’ll be prepared.

    1. A graph! Oh gosh, I think I found my afternoon project!

      Thanks for sharing a “failure” with me. You are my fitness mentor, so it helps to know you take a few steps back now and then with me!

  2. You are amazing! I am so incredibly proud of you! Good lord! 5 pounds in a week is great! And seriously you are well on your way to your goal!

    1. Oh thank you! 5 is a little high, but I’d been so stagnant, I think just getting my butt in gear made a big difference!

      Also- congrats on the 5K this weekend! I bet doing it with Jack was way fun.

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