Rihanna and Sain Pau

So something like a jillion years ago now, me and the bestie hauled our boyfriends (husband) up to Saint Paul to enjoy the Rihanna concert tickets that Brett got me for Christmas. We had so much fun! It was a bit of a drive, but totally worth it. I love friends you can travel with, ya know?

Love birds in the backseat.


So happy to be out of the car!!


This was at the liquor store we stopped at. It seemed really fitting.

Favorite restaurant. Brunch was amazeballs. 



Brett was eating a pickle with his coffee . . . ew. IMG_4063



Cuties on the street.IMG_4056

Pre-conert. So. Much. Makeup.


Well, this was a photo op we couldn’t walk away from. IMG_4072


Giant parrot at Mall of America. IMG_4087

Rihanna puts on a really great show and she kept saying, “Hey Sain Pau!!” over and over and which honestly cracked me up. Mills and I danced our heinies off. We had some delicious food (and some not so delicious food- anyone else have their worst dining experience at a Buffalo Wild Wings?!) I can’t rave enough about how fun it was to to spend the weekend with Amanda and Andy. We had pretty much the same expectations and style of how to spend our weekend which made it really fun. Yay for wonderful trips!

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