Know Thy Self

I don’t know why I can’t figure myself out.

I mean, I’ve been myself for almost 25 years. You would think that in that time, I would have learned something about myself.

This is all to say my paleo challenge is going, well, it’s not going.

I am not one for programs. I am not one to say “I can always have this” or “I can never have this.”

This whole thing was probably a bad idea and instead of feeling guilty about not following through on it, I am going to say, “I tried it. Not for me.”

So technically this is another thing I am quitting, but in 8 days I have not had one single completely paleo day. It does not feel very realistic for me. So, I am going to take what I am calling the “Katie Day Approach”: Eat smart. Eat when you’re hungry. Eat what you know is good for you. Sometimes that is something that comes from a box that you put in the microwave. Sometimes it is fruit. Sometimes it is protein. Sometimes it is a damn carb.

I also lasted two days tracking my food.

Dedicated, huh?

I am working on getting some more realistic expectations in place for what I am capable of. I have also really slouched off posting my progress every Monday which I think was doing a really good job of keeping me accountable. I am going to get back to that.

This has been a post.

3 thoughts on “Know Thy Self

  1. I love it Amanda! I think if we were trained as kids to only eat health food we would be fine, but we weren’t! We have zero rules at this house except for “eat “wbalanced meals” most of the time.” So glad you noticed it wasn’t working and can now set yourself up for success and not failure!

  2. I just couldn’t track my every calroie, it gave me the rage. And instead of thinking it’s a character flaw, we just have to admit that it’s not for us. Trying to keep up the kind of momentum you’ve had for so long has got to be difficult. Go easy on yourself.

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