Spin Report

And I really liked it! The end.

Kidding, obviously. Of course I’m going to elaborate.

There’s a lot to like about spinning. If you are as (ahem) blessed with curves as I am, spinning is the clear winner for cardio. Chub rub is at a minimum which is great because I’m working with plenty of thunder. A decent sports bra will keep the ladies where they ought to be and impact is low. Look, dealing with some body shame is definitely going to be part of this journey so if we can keep the jiggling contained until I’m more self-actualized, I am so good with that.

In addition to keeping all my bits where they belong, spinning really is self-paced. Resistance and speed can be dialed back at any point. And you don’t look stupid when you’re on the struggle bus (THE ENTIRE TIME).

The studio at my gym is dark and the music is loud and the class is at 5:15, right after work. This is a brilliant schedule because for me, it means I just slide from work to workout without my couch and monogramed sherpa blanket interfering with my plans. Attending is of course not a habit yet, but there’s nothing about the schedule that is going to prevent it from becoming one. Low hanging fruit.

There was no way I was going to write a post about spinning without mentioning that I could CRY OUT IN PAIN my rump hurts so bad. Does that ever get better? I can only assume no. Another weird thing that happened to me- my toes went kind of numb. Does this happen to anyone else when they workout? My shoes aren’t too tight- I keep them untied. Any advice? It was bizarre. Distracting.

I was right about my prediction the class would be attended primarily by triathletes, but there were only a half-dozen of them. I don’t think there was a beginner in the room. Bless my workout buddy. I could not have gone without her. One of the worst parts of my personality is the immediate and visceral way in which I judge everything, everybody. (I’M WORKING ON IT) This makes new situations (particularly ones in which I am wearing stretchy pants and sweating) a source of anxiety for me because if I’m doing it- so is everyone else. Luckily for me and my thunder, last night’s class was small enough and gave off generally unconcerned vibes about the imposters in their ranks, so when we left we decided, “Yeah- let’s go back next week.”

Is this THE SUMMER OF GEORGE? It very well might be.


2 thoughts on “Spin Report

  1. 1. THANK GOD you are writing a blog again. I say this in hopes you will continue to write. I will if you will! 2. Yay for you! I’m actually still terrified of spin class, so good for you! 3. Hi, miss you.

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