A Capsule Wardrobe that Isn’t

I started my entire minimalism movement inspired by the ideas of a capsule wardrobe. I loved the thought of having beautiful, high quality clothing and having a lot less of it all together. And that’s exactly what I’ve created. I have a teeny, tiny wardrobe. But no capsule.

What I mean to say is that unlike other capsule wardrobe projects, I don’t have anything waiting for me “off-capsule,” if you will. When I started, I pulled items for my spring capsule, pared down clothes I didn’t really want, and set aside pieces that I liked, but wasn’t sure about. Summer or fall capsule items, I thought.Yet as time went on, I reevaluated those items with a more skeptical eye. Why weren’t they special enough to be first draft picks? Ultimately, the answer was because they were ill-fitting, declining in quality, or simply no longer my taste. It gradually became clear to me that those feelings wouldn’t change with the seasons, so out they went.

The only pieces I own that aren’t hanging my closet are bulky, cold weather sweaters. There are 4 seasons in Missouri: Snow, Rain, July, and Oh my gosh it’s so nice today can you believe how nice it is today I love this weather this is great weather. I wear variations of the same thing year-round. As the weather cools, I throw tights on under my skirts. As the weather warms, I roll up my jeans and wear them with t-shirts and lightweight blouses rather than sweaters. Flats, button down tops, pencil skirts, blue jeans, v-neck tees, are worn in every season.

It didn’t make sense to set aside anything for future capsules. I didn’t love that much of my closet anyway. The summer season is approaching and here’s what I intend to buy:

J.Crew Button Down (a variation of my beloved white shirt)
High-waist Denim Shorts (I’m going to try them. There’s a good chance they get sent back, but I’m trying to be brave)
Madewell d’Orsay Flats (I finally pitched a very smelly pair of black flats and my others aren’t far behind. The work shoe situation demands attention.)
High-waist Bikini (As you can imagine, Brett has thrown the full weight of his support behind this purchase)
SOMETHING TO WEAR TO A BARBECUE, OUT TO DINNER, AND A WEDDING. Y’all, I’m struggling here. I’m gravitating towards a jumpsuit. Maybe this one, or this one, or this one. (HELP.)

And that’s it. It’s not an inexpensive list of items to be sure. But they’ll all fit in very nicely with my current wardrobe, which though small, I’ve been getting along with quite nicely. Recently a friend asked me if my capsule wasn’t actually bigger than normal, because she’d never seen me wear the same thing twice. (I can assure you this is not true. I’m actually wearing the same pair of pants today that I wore yesterday. I considered adding another pair of slacks to my list, but decided I should just shave my legs so I can wear a skirt instead. Minimalism you guys. It’s a whole thing.)

So maybe don’t stress if you haven’t dominated your closet situation as swiftly as you’d like. You don’t need a perfectly seasonal and rotating selection of highly curated clothes. My recommendation is to trim until it’s easy to get dressed in the morning and you always have something to wear that you love. It’s working for me!




4 thoughts on “A Capsule Wardrobe that Isn’t

  1. I supposed my closet is the same way, if not just a perma-summer capsule wardrobe. I only need a summer wardrobe due to the Florida climate, so really I just seriously scaled down everything to about 45 items, and I’m not done yet. I don’t have any other clothes stored away. I have a huge 9 drawer dresser that’s mostly empty. I’d love to get rid of that too but it is part of a beautiful set that my husband drove a long way and did some serious lifting for so it’s a compromise piece…..I use a nice sundress as my bbq/dinner/wedding dress.

    1. You wouldn’t believe how I struggled with the dress thing. I’m weird about straps. I don’t want anything too short. Can’t be too casual, but I want to be able to wear it to more than the wedding. My expectations are through the roof!

      1. Oh of course! It’s always hard when you are trying to find ‘the one’….dress, that is! I wear sandals or flip flops with mine for casual stuff, and heels or wedges for weddings, etc. Still wouldn’t mind adding a plain black dress to the formal mix though, good luck!

  2. Hey Lady! Glad to hear your wardrobe items are working for you! Since you asked for advice (bwuahahahah I love when people ask) I would say NIX the high-waisted shorts AND the jumpsuit. Girl, I’ve been there. Trying to make fashion of the time work! OF course you can pull off anything, but if you’re looking for lasting pieces, neither of those words has ever spelled “classic”.

    May I recommend instead some things I have found that are amazing new pieces of my own wardrobe, inspired by you to fit a more classic me:

    1. A full, a-line floating skirt. Girl this can be romantic and summery (think light gold jewelry, floaty tops, lacy sandals, it can be punk and fun (think band t-shirt and converse) or it can be totally dressed up (thing classic heels, beautiful shawl, sexy hair)
    My personal pic was: http://www.modcloth.com/shop/skirts/whimsical-wonder-skirt-in-mint

    2. A JCrew factory skirt that fully takes advantage of this amazing new trend of elastic waistbands. This thing is so comfy and can be similarly dressed up or down and transition to fall with tights, it is far cuter than this pic gives it credit for, plus POCKETS https://factory.jcrew.com/womens-clothing/skirts/miniandaline/PRDOVR~41575/41575.jsp?color_name=navy


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